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I can type 1020 words in 60 minutes.

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Marcus Rivera

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โˆ™ 2021-01-21 22:26:26
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Q: Marcus can type 255 words in 15 minutes. How many words can he type in 60 minutes?
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How many words are if you type 210 words in 5 minutes?

That works out to 42 words per minute.

Can type 32 words in a minutes How many words can you type in an hour?

Simply multiply it by 60 32x60=1920 You multiply it by 60 because there are 60 minutes in a hour, so you can type 32wpm 60 times.

Sara can type 90 words in 4 minutesabout how many words would you expect her to type in 10 minutes?

90 words in 4 minutesx words in 10 minutes(direct variation, more minutes, more words)90/4 = x/10 (cross multiply)4x = 900x = 900/4x = 225Thus, Sara would type 225 words in 10 minutes.

Sandy can type 75 words per minute How many words can she type in one half hour?

75 * 5 = 2250 words in 30 minutes.

How many words can you the average person type in 5 minutes?

I'm a slow typist, but I could get 175 words in five minutes with zero errors, no problem.

How many words can a typist type in 12 minutes if she types at a rate of 70 words per minute?

it's a math problem, i think. 12 minutes * 70 words/minute = 840 words

Jenny can type at a speed of 80 words per minute It took her 20 minutes to type a report How many words was the report show work?

Lol.....It depends if she was typing for the full 20 minutes....haha....but if she was...........The answer is 80x20..........Which is equal to 1,600 words

What is the ratio of words typed to minutes Ryan can type 180 words in 3 minutes.?

60 to 1

If you type 260 words in 4 min how many words can you type in 15 minutes?

An equality will do here. 260 words/4 min. = X words/15 min. 4X = 3900 X = 975 words ===========

Jill can type 15 words per minute.How long will it take her to type her story of 90 words?

6 minutes.

If you can type four thousand eight hundred words in two hours and thirty minutes what is your typing rate?

4800 words in 2 hours and thirty minutes = 4800 words in 150 minutes = 4800/150 = 32 words per minute.

Who is the fastest typist ever recorded and many words per minute did she type?

Barbara Blackburn is the fastest typist on record, at 150 words per minute for 50 minutes.

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