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Q: Marcus has a total of 10 nickels and dimes in his pocket he has a total of 70 cents how many dimes does he havein his pocket?
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Marcus has a total of 10 nickels and dimes in his pocket He has a total of 70 cents How many dimes does he have in his pocket?


How many nickels are in 35 cents?

7 nickels are in 35 cents.

25 cents are in how many nickels?

25 cents * (1 nickel / 5 cents) = 5 nickels

How many nickels are in 30?

If you mean in 30 cents, there are 6 nickels (30 cents / 5 cents = 6) If you mean 30 dollars, the answer is 600 nickels (3000 cents / 5 cents)

How much is 19 nickels?

One nickels is worth 5 cents so 19 nickels are worth 95 cents.

What is the value of a 1964 nickel?

5 cents. The only nickels to contain silver are the "war nickels" produced from 1943-1945 with a large mintmark over the Monticello. 1964 nickels use the same composition as today, have a high mintage and are easily found in pocket change. They are worth no more than 5 cents. There were over 2 billion nickels minted that year.

What is the value in cents of n nickels?

A nickel is worth 5 cents so n nickels have a value of 5n cents.

What is the value in cents of nickels?

A nickel is worth 5 cents so if you have N nickels their value in cents is 5*N

How many nickels are in 40 dollars?

A nickel is 5 cents so $1 = 20 nickels (100 cents / 5 cents). Then $40 = 40*20 = 800 nickels.

What are 7 nickels worth in cents?

7 nickels are 35 cents. To figure this out is just take the value of a nickel(5 cents) and multiply it by the number of nickels! 7x5=35.

What is 8 nickels?

40 cents

What is the number of nickels in a half dollar and a dime?

12 - a half dollar is 50 cents, or 10 nickels; a dime is 10 cents, or 2 nickels.

How many nickels to make ninety cents?

18 nickels.

Seven nickels is what decimal part of a dollar?

Seven nickels is 35 cents. A dollar is 100 cents, so the nickels are 35/100, or 0.35 of a dollar.

how much are 4 nickels?

Nickels are 5 cents each so if you have 4 nickels and you're trying to find the total you take 5x4=20.

How much money is 51 nickels?

Twenty nickels = a dollar, forty nickels = two dollars, eleven nickels = fifty-five cents, so your total is two dollars fifty-five cents.

How much is 5000000 nickels?

25,000,000 cents

How many nickels required to make 925 cents?

185 nickels.

How many nickels equal 95?

5 nickels is a quarter. 15 nickels is 75 cents. Four more nickels makes it to 95 cents, for a total of 19 nickels. That makes sense, because 20 nickels would be a dollar, and you are only one nickel short of that.

How much is 60 nickels?

Jada buys a doll for 60c if she uses al nickels how many nickels will she use

How many dollars are in 45 nickels?

A nickel is 5 cents so 45 nickels is 45*5 cents = 225 cents or $2.25!

What is 5 dimes and 3 nickels?

5 dimes = 50 cents 3 nickels = 15 cents Total is 65 cents

How many nickels make 11 quarters?

fifty-five 1 quarter = 25 cents = 5 nickels = 5 x 5 cents 11 quarters = 275 cents = 55 nickels = 55 x 5 cents

How much money is 29000 nickels?

A nickel is 5 cents. 29,000 nickels are worth 29000*5 = 145000 cents, or $1450.

How much money is 55 nickels?

A nickel is 5 cents, so 55 nickels = 55*5 = 275 cents, or $2.75

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