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71.529 can be thought of as 0071.529. Since you have 0 in the thousands place and 0 immediately to the right of the thousands place (in the hundreds place), 71.529 would round down to 0.

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Q: Math Round 71.529 to the nearest thousand?
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How you would round 265.588 to the nearest thousand writing in Math?

To the nearest thousandth, 265.588 To the nearest thousand, zero.

Hi I need help with my math please help me the question is Round 4,525 to the nearest ten?

Hi I need help with my math please help me the question is Round 5,380 to the nearest thousand.

What is the definition for math rounding?

when you round a number to the nearest whole digit such as 400,567 thousand rounded to the nearest hundred is 400,600

Hi I need help with my math please help me the question is Round 5,380 to the nearest thousand?


How do you round 4489 to the nearest thousand in math?


What does ROUND mean in math?

To round to the nearest number.

What does round mean in a math formula?

To Round To The Nearest Of Sumthing

Rounding 840 to the nearest thousand?

The number 840 rounded nearest thousand would be 1,000. This is a math problem.

The word round in math means to find the nearest value of a number based on a given place value how else is round used in math?

The word round in maths means to find the nearest value of a number.

In math round 68354 to the nearest hundred?

68,354 to the nearest hundreds place is 68,400.

Rounding to the nearest ten thousand 789 09 rounds to?

The number 78,909 rounded to the nearest ten thousand would be 79,000. This is taught in math.

what is 35,124 rounded to the nearest ten thousand?

34519 rounded to the nearest thousands = 35000.

What does 45469.23 round to the thousands In math?

It rounds to 45,000 to the nearest 1000

What does 996 round to in math?

The number 996 is very close to a thousand.

How do you round down to the preceding thousand?

I believe that rounding down to the proceding thousand would be to round down. Take 8765 for example. To round that down to the proceding thousand would mean you would make that into 8000. That's how I would do it. Math Rules!

What is 7464000.55 and 21079000.29 rounded to the nearest hundred thousand in math?

7,500,000.00 and 21,100,000.00

How do you round to the nearest hundredth in math?

For example to round 1.465 to the nearest hundredth you look at the thousandth (5) if it is bigger than 5 then you round the hundredth (6) to 7. So your example answer would be 1.47

What does 20.95 percent round to the nearest or closest whole number in math?

21 ^^

Round 29.7 to the nearest cent?

The number 29.7 to the nearest cent would be 30 cent. This is taught in math class.

Round 84.7326 to the nearest hundredth?

The number 84.7326 rounding to the nearest hundredths would equal to 84.800. This is a math problem.

What is 8.55 to the nearest dollar?

The nearest dollar is 9. You would round up instead of down, because 55 is over 50%. At or above 50%, you round up in math.

What is 3450 rounded to the nearest 100?

In traditional math, you round it up. So 3450 equals 3500.

how can I write 10,982 if I round to the nearest hundred?

11,000. 982 rounded to the nearest hundred is 1,000 (effectively 10 100's).

How do you answer a round off in math nearest hundred?

150 and above = 200 but less than 150 = 100

How do you estimate a math problem?

To estimate, you round the number to the nearest 10 and add, subtract, divide, or multiply. If the number is a decimal (ex. 12.132), you would round it to 12, and then round that to 10.