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Q: Matthew rounded numbers to the nearest thousand. Select all the numbers Matthew might have begun with when rounding to 156,000 to the nearest thousand?
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How many numbers can be rounded to 600 to the nearest thousand?


How is rounding to the nearest ten similar to rounding to the nearest ten thousand?

They both involve rounding numbers.

nearest thousand 5641?

This round to the nearest thousand calculator will help for school students to find the result rounded in thousand numbers. Round to the Nearest Thousand; Rounding Numbers; Round to the Nearest Thousand Calculator . Enter Number. Round Number to Nearest . Given here an online rounding calculator which is used for rounding the numbers to the nearest thousandth number. To round decimal numbers

What is 5 numbers rounded to the nearest thousand when rounding to 2000?


What is rounding numbers of 3746?

The answer depends on the level of rounding. For example, to the nearest unit (or smaller) the number is rounded to 3,746. To the nearest thousand, to 4,000. To the nearest ten thousand (or larger) it is 0.

How many whole numbers can be rounded to 7 000 when rounding to the nearest thousand?


Give a situation where you round to the nearest ten and not the nearest hundred or thousand?

When you're rounding numbers less than fifty.

What is the difference between a compatible number and rounding numbers?

rounding numbers is to nearest ten or hundred and compatible numbers are when you can do nearest 5

What is rounding numbers of 1267?

Rounded to the nearest tens it is 1270 Rounded to the nearest hundred it is 1300 Rounded to the nearest thousand it is 1000

What is rounding numbers of 7687?

7687 rounded to the nearest ten is 7690. 7687 rounded to the nearest hundred is 7700. 7687 rounded to the nearest thousand 8000.

What are the smallest and largest numbers you could have if rounding 30000 to the nearest thousand?

29500 to 30499

I am a number even rounding me in the nearest thousand makes me 1000 what number am I?

There lots of such numbers. 1000 itself, for a start.

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