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Meter in refers to the restriction of a hydraulic circuits inlet flow. They may only be used when utilizing opposing loads as these systems have no way of preventing a load from running away. These are used to regulate motor speed and ram speeds.

Meter out refers to the circuits restriction of the outlet flow. i.e. a hydraulic ram used for offloading heavy material such as a car lift. A meter out system would be used to regulate the flow evacuating the system as to prevent a run-away and maintain load control.

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Q: Meter in meter out flow control valve?
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Is the idle control valve the same as the air mass meter?

no its not. idlecontrol valve controls idle mass meter measures air flow into itake

Which is better to control a pneumatic cylinder- a meter-in flow control or a meter-out flow control?

When a pneumatic cylinder chamber is filled with pressurized air and the air-chamber on the other side of the piston is metered-out by a flow control, the movement or speed of the cylinder is more consistent than to meter-in the pressurized air.

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The above is the symbol of flow meter.

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rota meter

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Mass air flow meter passat 1.8t part number?

Where is the mass ait flow meter on a 20v turbo.

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