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The meter is the standard unit of length or distance in the metric system. In that sense, it's one more member of the group, along with the inch, foot, yard, furlong, and mile.

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Q: Meter is what kind of measurement of what in the metric system?
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What is the base unit of centi in the metric system?

In the metric system, "centi" is a prefix: it is not a measurement unit of any kind.

What kind of measurement does liter in?

Liters are a part of the Metric System. It is used to measure liquids.

What measures metric mass?

In the metric system, the Gram, as in kilogram is the standardfor mass measurement

What kind of math is used in the hospital?

The medical world uses the metric system for weight, volume and measurement and temperature.

What careers use metric system?

Almost all careers that require measurement of some kind use the metric system nowadays, even though in some cases the metric units are converted to imperial for when the products are sold.

What kind of a measurement is cm?

a cm is a centimetre. This is equivalent to 10 millimetres, and .01 or 1/100 of a metre. This is a metric measurement.

What kind of unit can you use to find your measurement of length?

Meter, centimeter, or millimeter.

What kind of things is decimeter used to measure?

Decimeter is a metric unit for measuring length.deci = tenth; decimeter = tenth of a meter = 10 centimeters = approximately 4 inches in the imperial system

What kind of unit is a liter?

The liter is a unit of volume in the metric system.

What kind of metric units are based on units?

All of them. They are all measurement units counted in divisions or multiples of 10.

How is the metric system organized?

A metric system is organized from the smallest unit to the largest unit. Each unit has some kind of relation to each other by factors of ten.

In America you use what kind of measurement?

Imperial measurement is in general use. Engineers, scientists etc use the SI system.

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