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Q: Mode is used to ascertain what the widest range of data is in the data set?
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What does range tell us that mode does not?

Range is a measure of variation; mode is a measure of center. Range will tell you how much the data vary, mode does not tell you how much the data vary.

Can numerical data have a range median or mode?

Yes. They must have a range and median. They may or may not have a mode.

What is the mode median mean and range of 65?

The mode, median, and range of a single data point such as 65 are all the data point itself, 65 in this instance.

What does mode and range mean in a math problem?

range is the spread of the data mode is the most common value in the domain

Is descriptive data a technique?

No, descriptive data is not a technique; it is data that describe the sample such as mean, SD, mode, and range.

Can a data set have the same mean median mode and range?


What is range mean madin and mode mean?

all the data added together

What is the mean medain mode and range to this data set 1 5 9 1 2 4 8 2?

The mean, median, mode and range to this data set are:Mean = 4Median = 3Mode = 1, 2Range = 8

What does mode average mean in maths?

The three central tendencies are mean, median and mode. Sometimes mid-range is used. Mean, arithmetic mean, add all the data and divided by the number of pieces of data. Median is the middle number when all the data is arranged in order. The average of the two middle pieces of data is you have an even number of data. Mode is the data that appears the most. Mid-range is the average of the least and greatest pieces of data.

What is the mean median mode and range of a number?

These terms apply to a set of data: mode: to the most common number (the number that appears most often) median: the middle number mean: The sum of all the data divided by the number of data items present. range: the difference between the largest and smallest values of data

What is mode of data?

the mode of a data set is the number that appears the most in the data. some data sets have no mode.

What does the word mode mean when measuring in rainfall?

The mode is the numerical value of rainfall (or range of values, if dealing with grouped data) that fell on the most periods.