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a pen

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Q: Name one use for magnet in everyday life?
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Is it true or false that A magnet can have one or two poles?

Currently, to my knowledge, nobody has discovered a monopole (magnet with a single pole), although this is something that is predicted by super string theory and the grand unification theory. So for now, in your everyday life, it is safe to say that a magnet always has two poles.

What is the difference between magnet and copper magnet?

one of them hyas copper in it's name >:D

Where is the first magnet found what its name?

'Magnet was first found one island named magnetia in Greece

How do the past appear in one's everyday life?


What is one use of magnets in every day life?

A TV has a magnet/s

Name one use magnets in everyday life?

Well, to keep a picture or a report card, regular letter and all that stuff on a fridge

What is one example of magnetic force that you use in your evey day life?

One example of magnetic force that used in your every day life is fridge magnet. A fridge magnet can stick to the fridge door because of this force.

Where would a compound machine be found in everyday life?

One is a can opener.

What has happened if a magnet becomes barely magnetic?

There are things (I can't remember their name) that face in one direction on a magnet. When these face in different directions the magnet gradually loses force

What are uses for hydrogen in everyday life?

One of the elements to make water or H2o.

What is the function of theater?

to entertain one and give an escape to the everyday feeling of life.

Name some minerals that are attracted to magnet?

Iron Ore is one and most likely the only one.

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