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Take any number of millimeters, divide it by 25.4 to get

the same length in inches. You can do this.

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Q: Need to know inch measurement for six by sixteen and a half millimeters for jewelry clasp?
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What if clasp is missing on gold jewelry?

Clasps are easy to replace, no matter what material the jewelry is made out of. I recommend you take the piece in quesiton to a local jeweler and have him attach a new clasp to your jewelry. He will probably be able to solder a new clasp into place.

Where can I take my necklace to get the clasp fixed?

Any local jewelry store should be able to fix the clasp.

Where do you look for a jewelry mark on brooch?

have you tried looking on the pin stem or clasp

What do the numbers on a silver jewelry clasp mean?

The numbers on a silver jewelry clasp are used to measure the precious metal content of the piece. For examples if the numbers on a clasp read 999 then the piece consists of 99 percent silver, and 1 percent other metal. If the letters on the clasp read STER, then the piece is sterling silver usually 92.5 percent 7.5 percent other metals.

What does PAT.P stamp on claspe mean?

PAT P stamped on the clasp of a piece of jewelry means patent pending. It simply means that the jewelry designer has a copyright on the design of the jewelry.

What does the hallmark BREV. on the inner side of the clasp of a necklace mean?

it's a vintage jewelry brand

Is De Cesare jewelry marked 18K on the clasp real gold?

Gold filled from what I am reading!!

Why is my necklace marked Radium on the clasp?

There is a company in California which is called Radium Jewelry. This may be the source of the stamp you see.

Did the viking wear jewelry?

Yes they did. Many finely made bronze and silver pieces have been found, with the main jewelry piece being a kind of clasp to hold a cloak closed.

Antique jewelry Pearl necklace manufacturer symbol on clasp?

Are you looking for an antique pearl necklace with a gold clasp? Here is a great website for what you are looking for: They have a big selection of pearl necklaces, rings and earrings.

What is RW marking on jewelry?

gold bracelet makrd RW on clasp inside a diemond shap

What does the 888 mark mean on jewelry?

bought 14k necklace hollowfilled necklace has marked 888 on clasp end what does this mean?

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