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-(2/3) divided by -(1/4) = (-2)(4)/(3)(-1) = (-8)/(-3) = 8/3

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Q: Negative two third divided by negative one forth equals?
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What is negative 3 to the negative forth power?


What is negative two third divided by negative one forth?

-2/3 divided by -1/4 -2/3 times -4/1 the answer is 8/3 or 2 and 2/3

Is every negative number a negative integer?

No. The negative integers would be -1, -2, -3,... and so forth. Negative fractions or negative decimals that won't reduce are not negative integers.

What is 12 to the negative forth power?


What divided by what equals 92?

184 divided by 2, or 368 divided by 4, and so on and so forth.

What are negative attributes?

Negative attributes (if you mean, of the human personality) would include such things as selfishness, cruelty, stupidity, dishonesty, and so forth.

What are some negative attributes?

Negative attributes (if you mean, of the human personality) would include such things as selfishness, cruelty, stupidity, dishonesty, and so forth.

Are all negative numbers counting numbers?

Negative numbers are not counting numbers. Counting numbers are the integers starting with 1 and then 2 and so forth.

Is there an affect on the mass of an object with a negative charge?

If you compare the mass of a positron to an electron, or of a proton to an anti-proton, and so forth, the mass is the same, even though the charge is reversed. Negative charge does not mean negative mass, it has no bearing on the mass.

Why do electrons move the negative end o the tube to the positive end?

well because there connected and they go back and forth and back and forth

Synonyms for speak that have a negative connotation?

Hold forth, pontificate, gossip, jaw, rebuke, chastise

What is 3m to the negative forth power?

It is the same as 1/34 . We move an exponent to the denominator and we change the exponent from positive to negative. Now 34 is 81 so the answer is 1/81 meters.If the exponent in the denominator is negative, we can move it up to the numerator and change it to a positive.

1 trillion divided by 150 million?


What you add to 261 to make it divisible by 10?

9 or 19 or 29 or 39 or 49 or 59 and so on and so forth. You could also add negative one, negative eleven, etc.

What two numbers multiple to get 588 and add to get -135?


Why direct current is called direct current?

The term DC or direct current is really a little misleading, However DC refers to the potential difference in an electrical charge from positive + to negative -. In the case of direct current the current is constantly from positive to negative or in one direction so to speak. In the case of an alternating current the current is constantly changing direction from positive to negative to positive to negative and so forth.

What is the difference between the positive area and the negative area in a work of art?

Area is actually called space. So it is negative and positive space. Positive space is the space that is taken by the objects. Negative space is everything else. You have probably seen the picture of two silhouette profiles of a face which look at each other. In the middle of the two faces you can see a vase shape. This is an illusion where negative and positive space flip back and forth in the viewers eye. If you are looking at the faces, the vase is considered the negative space. If you are looking at the vase, the faces become the negative space. Artists carefully consider the use of negative space and try to make the negative space as interesting as the positive space. You rarely see tiny objects in the middle of a huge canvas. It leaves too much negative space. Sometimes as an artist draws, he checks out the negative space as well as the positive to make sure he is rendering the objects correctly.

What is the significance of obtaining a negative reading in testing voltage?

Electric current can flow in one of two directions in a wire; with alternating current, the direction changes continually, back and forth. The use of positive and negative values for voltage gives you a direction for the voltage. If current flowing to the right is positive, then current flowing to the left is negative.============================Answer #2:A negative reading indicates that the point to which the positive probe ofthe voltmeter is connected is at a lower potential than the point to whichthe negative meter probe is connected. It tells nothing about the circuitconditions except in combination with the knowledge of how the meteris connected.

What plus what equals 490?

There are hundreds of solutions !... 1+489, 5+485, 20+470 & 120+370 are just four solutions !There are an infinite number of solutions the way the question was asked. The numbers need not be whole numbers, they can be negative numbers and so forth.

How does a weatherman use positive and negative numbers?

He could use them is describing temperatures. Or deviations from historical averages for rainfall, hours of sunshine, and so forth.

What one forth equals to?


How do you wire up series batteries?

You must series the connection a positive terminal will connect to a negative terminal and so forth. the final voltage will add for additional batteries

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What is one forth divided by four?


What is one forth divided by two?

1/4 divided by 2 = 1/8