Best Answer does not allow drawings in responses, but the shape could be any of an infinite variety of scalene triangles.

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Q: Niko is thinking of a shape with three straight sides that intersect. None of the sides are equal. Draw Niko's shape?
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What shape has three straight sides that intersect but are not equal?

Any non-equilateral triangle.

What shape has 3 straight sides that intersect but none of the sides are equal?

A scalene triangle

Is an equilateral triangle have three straight sides that intersect but non of the sides are equal?


What is a shape with three straight sides that are intersecting but are not equal what is the shape intersect none of sides are equal what is the shape?

This is a description of a scalene triangle.

What is the intersection of 2 lines?

When two straight lines intersect they form 360 degees with opposite angles being equal.

What are some vertically opposite angles?

Equal vertical opposite angles are created when straight lines intersect each other

How many angeles are formed when two lines intersect do not count straight angles 2 4 8?

Four opposite equal angles are formed when 2 lines intersect each other

Does parallel mean equal?

In a way it does because it means straight lines that remain equal distance apart and never intersect with each other.

What are the angle properties of intersecting lines?

When 2 straight lines intersect vertical opposite angles are equal and the 4 angles created add up to 360 degrees

The quantity of A intersect at B intersect at C is equal to C intersect at the quantity of A intersect at B?

all major intersection have various other signs offering information to road users

Does the measure of an exterior angle at the vertex of a polygon equal the measure of the adjacent interior angle?

The sum of an adjacent interior and its exterior angle will total to 360°. If the angles were to be equal, they would both have to be 180°. An angle of 180° is a straight line. A polygon may be composed of straight lines that intersect at vertices but a straight line has no vertex. That being the case, the answer to your question is "No".

When two lines intersect opposite angles are?

They are equal