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An irrational number.

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Q: Nonzero rational number and in irrational number makes what?
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Is 4.5 an irrational number?

An irrational number is a number that has no definite end. 4.5 has a definite end. THis makes it a rational number.

Is 88 rational or irrational number?

88 is the ratio of 88 and 1. That makes it rational.

Is pie a rational number?

No. Pie is potentially never ending. This makes it an irrational number.

Is -4 a rational number?

A rational number is a number that has a definite end. For example, pi is never ending and is therefore an irrational number. -4, however, has a definite end. This makes it a rational number.

How do you Irrational number 45 to nearest hundredth?

45 is an integer which is a rational number. So the question makes no sense.

Why is 1.875 irrational?

Since 1.875 is rational and not irrational, the question makes no sense.

What makes a number rational?

All whole numbers and fractions are rational numbers because irrational numbers can't be expressed as whole numbers or fractions.

Can two rational numbers makes irrational numbers?

Yes.2 and 0.5 are both rational. But 2^0.5, which is sqrt(2), is irrational.

What makes an irrational number different from a rational number?

A rational number cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers, the second of which is positive.

Is -23 a rational or an irrational number?

-23 is rational.It is rational because we can write it as a fraction (one integer divided by another) where the denominator is not equal to 0. For example, -23/1. This makes it rational.

Why is five-seven rational but one-third is irrational?

Both are rational, so the question makes no sense.

Is -0.06006000600006 rational or irrational?

yes because there is a repeatind decimal like, - 2.24224222422224222224 so that makes -0.0600600060000 rational

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