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If there is power but it does not light it is a ground problem. Some circuits such as gm interior lights the power is always on, and the ground is switched.

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Q: On a 98 Tacoma the ignition light does not come on There is power in the bulb socket and the bulb is good What could be wrong?
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What could be wrong with your 1997 Tacoma truck if the check engine light is has stopped working?

If you turn on the ignition without starting the engine and the Check Engine light does not come on, the bulb has burnt our or has been removed. Replace the bulb.

Can you convert a garage light socket to accept a three prong shop light plug in?

If you want to you could remove the light socket and put in an outlet then plug your light into the outlet.

Check engine light in 2004 Toyota Tacoma?

The check engine light in a 2004 Toyota Tacoma can come on for many reasons. It could indicate an exhaust leak or a problem with the engine.

How do you reset your maint rqd light on your Toyota Tacoma?

i think you have to push in the tripometer turn on ignition and then wait second, turn off the ignition and turn back on i did it once but cant remember all of it

IS there a gas light on a Toyota Tacoma?

On my 1996 tacoma I do not have a gas light for low gas.

How do you turn off the maintenance required light in a 2005 Toyota tacoma pick up?

turn off the ignition. hold in the odometer reset button and turn on the ignition to on (Not start). Keep holding the button in for about 8 seconds and the millage will come back on. Light should be out.

Why does the electric socket not work?

The recepticle could be a GFI ( ground fault interuptor) which needs to be reset. The circut breaker might have tripped, or you could have a bad plug-in. All are pretty easy to fix. Now if it is a light socket, it could be a bad switch, a tripped circut breaker or a bad light socket.

Can power be taken from a socket for a light?

Yes, a light bulb does precisely this. Also, at one time you could purchase a little device that looked like the bottom part of a light bulb with an electrical socket in the other end so you could screw it into a light socket and then plug some other kind of device into it. I don't know if these are still made or not.

Why no ignition light?

The reason for no ignition light could be a low battery. The wiring system may be another reason for this. Check the white wires in the ignition switch and the multi-plug connector to ensure they are connected.

Check engine light 1998 Toyota tacoma?

This could mean any number of things. I have a 98 Tacoma and the "check engine" light has only come on once in 8 years ... and that was because I didn't have a gas cap at the time!

What is the motto of University of Washington Tacoma?

The motto of University of Washington Tacoma is 'Let there be light'.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a Toyota Tacoma 2012?

Page 425 owners manual.set trip meter to A,turn off ignition,while holding trip meter turn on ignition,wait for 00000 on trip meter, done.

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