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Accountants use those pointy parentheses that look like this: <> to indicate negative numbers. If your account reads <14.25> it means you owe $14.25

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2010-04-24 08:56:37
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Q: On a commission statement if the number is in parentheses is it negative?
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Is a negative number in parentisis and negatie or positive number?

If I read the word "and" as "a", then a negative number in parentheses is a negative number.

What does the number in parentheses mean on balance sheet line item?

the number is negative.

When you are squaring a negative number does it make a difference if the negative number is in parentheses?

Yes on some calculators it will make a difference.

When a negative number is parenthesis would it be a positive number?

No. Parentheses have no direct effect on the sign of a number.

What does a number in parentheses mean when you check your balance on a card?

This means you have a negative balance.

How would you show multiplying a negative number by a positive number?

by either putting the negative number first, or by putting the negative number in parentheses. Like this: -9*1=-9 1*(-9)=-9

Difference between negative number to the second power and negative number in parentheses to the second power?

-3^2 = 9 -(3^2) = -9

What does a number in parentheses mean?

Too many variables to really answer. The context of the number is critical. Is it an Area Code? Is it a negative number on a bank statement? Is it referencing a footnote in a book? Is it following a number such as one (1)? The meaning is entirely dependant on the context. ______________________________________________________________________ Another answer would be that if a number in parentheses is right next to another number, then you are to multiply both numbers if it's a math problem. In some graph tables, f(x) replaces y. Variables, letters that replace numbers, can also be in parentheses.

What does a negative number in parentheses mean?

depends ...... a. 7(-3) means 7 times (negative 3) b. (-1) negative # c. -(9) the opposite of nine

What is -17 in parenthesis equals?

Putting a negative number in parentheses merely assists a subtraction sum involving negative numbers. For example, 14 - (-17) = 31.

Math words that starts with N?

Numeratorjust some extras.... natural number, n-fold rotation symmetry, n-gon, negation of a statement, negative integer, negative number, nested parentheses, net, network, node, nonagon, nonconvex set, non-Eclidean geometry, nonoverlapping regions, null set, number line, numerator, numerical expression.

Do you subtract off a value in parentheses on a tax form if it says combine that line with another It isn't clear what combine means on Form 6251?

Form 6251 is the alternative minimum tax for individuals form. As with all federal tax form lines asking to combine the entries on various lines, a number in parentheses is a negative number and is subtracted from positive numbers. If all you have is negative numbers, then those entries are added together. Their total then is entered within parentheses, because the total of all negative numbers is a negative number. Several lines on the 2008 Form 6251 are required by the instructions to be entered as negative numbers. That's why parentheses are included in the form on lines 6, 7, 8, 25, and 28.

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