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Q: On jackals baseball team there are 28 right handed players and 16 left handed players what is the ratio of right handers to left handers on jackals team?
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5 On the Jackals baseball team there are 18 right-handed players and 6 left-handed players What is the ratio of right-handers to left-handers on the Jackals baseball team?


On the jackals baseball team there are 20 right-handed players and 12 left handed players what is the ratio of right-handers to left-handers on the jackals baseball team?


25 players on a baseball team 6 players are left handed what percent is left handed?

24% are left-handed.

Are left-handed batsmen generally more aggressive than right-handed batsmen?

NO, it depends on the players mind state, attitude & the situation. You can see aggressive right handers like Virendar sehwar, shahid afridi, Sachin Tendulkar. & left Handers such as Hayden, Gilchrist, Sanat Jayasurya.

Was Raphael left handed?

yes-there have been many influencal and powerful people who were/are left-handed. You see left-handers are acctually far more intelligent than right-handers.

How many left handed baseball players are there?


Why does a right handed person live longer that a left handed person?

Because the world is set up for right handers and the lefties are having to adjust. For instance, scissors work better for right handers.

Are there any left handers in Japan?


Are left handers batter ar sports than right?

Lefties have an advantage on the sports fields; because the majority of the population is right handed, lefties can often take players by surprise. This is particuarly evident in:Cricket/Rounders/Baseball: If a batter is left handed, fielders will have to orientate themselves otherwise the ball will be hit in the area where there are no fielders to get it quickly enough.Football: About 60% of lefties are left-footed, which is very useful for getting the ball round players who will go for the right hand side.Basketball: In basketball, left handed players can efficiently bounce the ball to the left of the unsuspecting right handed players. This is very useful; a lot of players are "out-handed" in the end!

Is it true that left-handed people have a short life expectancy?

Left-handers don't have a short life expectancy compared to right-handers, no.However, what has been discovered is that on average, right-handed people live three years longer than left-handed people. The reason for this is unknown.

Can you get right handed mitts in baseball?

Yes, they are widely available, but not in as many models or sizes. Baseball players in MLB tend to be about 85% right-handed.

Do left handed basketball players have an advantage over left handed ones?

That makes no scense but left handed basketball players have an advantage overright handed players

Out of 21 baseball players 7 of them were right handed what is the fraction of right handed players?

seven over twenty one which reduces to one over three or one third

Is there a sport left handers can't play?

If you play hockey then you are forced to play with a right handed stick

Why does field hockey cater only for right handed players?

Although the stick is designed for right-handed people, there are some skills which left-handers find easier. The game was originally played this way because more of the players were right-handed, and it has continued as such because having combination of left- and right-handed sticks is a serious safety issue; this (danger) is the first thing FIH tries to avoid, and so the rules require a stick made the right-handed way.

Has there ever been all left handed players in a major league baseball game?


Are left handed basketball players better natural shooters than right handed players?


Should right-handed players wear a baseball glove on the left or right hand?

If you are right handed your glove would be on youe left hand and you would throw the baseball with your right hand.

Left handed baseball players in the major league?

uhhh.... yea Ryan Howard, Ichiro, Delgado

Is a left handed person is brighter than the right handed person?

Yes, but it depends if the person is bothered to learn, but most left-handers I'm one) are more influenced to learn.

Do left hand baseball players do better than right hand baseball players?

It doesn't really matter. Both hands, whichever side, are writing hands, so they are completely equal depending on which one you use. I don't think it matters if your left handed or right handed in playing baseball.

Can warriors duel wield 2 handed weapons in wow?

Warriors can dual wield two two-handers if they take the talent in the fury tree "Titan's Grip". This will allow a warrior to dual wield two two-handers.

Do they have left handed watches for left handed people?

Yes, they have the winder / adjuster knob on the left side of the casing so they can be worn on the right wrist. You can see a selection of left-handed watches here There are also some anti-clockwise mechanisms that left-handers can find easier to read than right-handers. There are more left-handed watches here:

Was Nate Archibald actually left handed?

Yes. Click on the 'Left handed basketball players' link on this page to see other basketball players that were/are left handed.

Can you dual wield two handed weapons in sentence?

Yes: Fury Warriors can now do this. They are the only class that can dual wield two-handers.