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first you make sure you have cake then you cook it in stew;0

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Q: On the transformation of random variables and random vectors?
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How are vectors used in football?

Vectors are one of the any variables used in the calculation of the speed of the ball.

Why are important in random variables?

It might help if you specified why WHAT was important in random variables.

What has the author Michael O'Flynn written?

Michael O'Flynn has written: 'Probabilities, random variables, and random processes' -- subject(s): Probabilities, Random variables, Signal processing, Stochastic processes

Is Statistically independent random variables are uncorrelated and vice versa?

the statistically independent random variables are uncorrelated but the converse is not true ,i want a counter example,

What is the difference between a random variable and random process?

A random process is a sequence of random variables defined over a period of time.

What is the difference between random variable and random variate?

Random variables is a function that can produce outcomes with different probability and random variates is the particular outcome of a random variable.

What is an altered plasmid?

I think that an altered plasmid is one that has just undergone transformation, so it has the two combined vectors inside of it.

ARE All continuous random variables are normally distributed?


What is the importance of distribution functions to stochastic processes?

Stochastic processes are families of random variables. Real-valued (i.e., continuous) random variables are often defined by their (cumulative) distribution function.

What has the author Wai Wan Tsang written?

Wai Wan Tsang has written: 'Analysis of the square-the-histogram method for generating discrete random variables' -- subject(s): Random variables

What is the distribution of the sum of squared Poisson random variables?

You must pay for the answer

What is the The sum of two normally distributed random variables?

The sum of two random variables that are normally distributed will be also be normally distributed. Use the link and check out the article. It'll save a cut and paste.