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1/8x-5(greater than or equal to) 30

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Q: One eighth of a number decreased by 5 is at least 30?
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Which is the least five eight seven seven seven fourteen or one eighth?

1/8 (one-eighth).

Is one eighth a real number?

Yes, it is like taking a pie and cutting it into eight slices. You only ate one slice. Therefore, you ate one eighth of the pie. Yes. One eighth is a positive number, a rational number and a real number.

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A number raise to power three decreased by one divided by the same number decreased by one?

(x3 - 1)/(x - 1) = x2 + x + 1

What number is 12.5 percent of 16?

12.5% is equal to one eighth. An eighth of 16 is 2.

What is one eight of a number?

To determine one eighth of a number just divide it by 8.

What is the decimal number of one eighth?


One eighth of a number is 8?


what is One-eighth of 16?

the answer is the number 2

What is an example of a real number and a rational number but is not an integer?


What number is one eighth of 360?

1/8 of 360 is 45.

What does the eighth wonder mean?

An eighth wonder means that it's not one of the seven original wonders, but it's so pretty or interesting, that if they had an eighth number, that would be it.

Is three sevenths greater than one eighth?

Yes. One sevanth is biger then one eighth. You are dividing it smaller the higher the number you go. So yes

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An Anglo-Arabian is a crossbred horse which is at least one-eighth Arabian.

What is one eighth teaspoon plus one eighth teaspoon equals?

One eighth plus one eighth is one fourth.

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A mixed number: 1⅛.

What does one and one eighth divided by 9?

How many eighths in 1 (that is, one whole)? And how many eighths will you have if you add one more eighth to those? And what's that number divided by 9? You can do this.

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3 hours

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Is two eighth small than one eighth?

no. obviously there are two one eighth to make one two eighth

How do you turn 0.125 into a mixed number?

The decimal fraction 0.125 can be written as 1/8 or one eighth, but it cannot be made into a mixed number, since it is less than one. The term mixed number refers to a number that is expressed as both an integer and a fraction, such as three and a third. You can't do that with an eighth.

What is between three eighth?

We can't find something between one value; we need at least two.