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There are 10 years in a decade. Therefore, one year is equal to 1/10 (one tenth) of a decade.

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How many decades are in a year?

One decade is 10 years so 0.1 decade is one year.ten year is said to be a decade.

How can a year be an decade?

A decade is made up of ten years. It takes ten years to make one decade. A year is one tenth of a decade.

A year is what fraction of a decade?

A decade is equal to 10 years. Therefore, one year is one tenth of a decade.

What year was it one decade ago?

was year was it 1 decade ago

How do you determine the fractional part of a group?

Leave at least one element of the group and take the rest. You will have a fractional part of the group.

What fraction of a decade is one year?

1 decade is 10 years, thus: 1 year =1/10 decade = 0.1 decade

What year was one decade?

10 years = 1 decade

What fractional part of a meter is a centimeter?

one one-hundredth

What fractional part of one yard is one inch?

it is i half

What is one fact about decade?

it is one year

1 year is what fraction of a decade?

Since a decade is 10 years, one year is 1/10 of a decade.

What fractional part of a gallon is 1 cup?

one sixteenth

What fractional part of a yard is an inch?

one thirty sixth

What fractional part of one half inch is one quarter inch?

half of it

One kilometer is equal to 1000 meters what fractional part of a kilometer is 700 meters?

1000 m = 1 km700/1000 = Fractional Part is 7.

What fractional part of a second is a microsecond?

one millionth , or 10^-6

What fractional part of one meters is 25 cm?


What fraction is 1 year of a decade?

one tenth

What year was one decade before 1932?


What fraction is one year of a decade?

It is 1/10.

How many decades in the year 2012?

A decade is 10 years. 2012 is one year. There are no decades in a single year. The years 2002 - 2012 represents a decade.

Four fluid ounces is what fractional part of one quart?

0.12 qt

What is the fraction of 9.10?

The fractional part of the number is one tenth or 1/10

What is the fractional part for 20?

1/20th is one-twentieth. It is equal to 5%.

What fractional part pf an hour is one minute?

It is: 1/60 of an hour

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