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Sum or summation

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Other words for addition in maths?
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Related questions

What are some other words for times in maths?

Repeated addition or multiplication.

What words in maths mean addition?

The word 'plus' implies the process of addition.

What are other words for share in maths?

divide or give out

What are some other words from multiply in math?

Other words are: division, subtraction, and addition.

What does x3 means in maths?

It means multiply by 3. In other words, 3 lots of the number.

What did Isaac newton invented using maths?


Other words for addition in math?


What kind of games does Woodlands Maths offer?

The Woodlands Maths website offers fun games to help children learn basic math skills. They can learn about addition, subtraction, fractions, shapes, angles, area, and many other skills.

Is it maths or math?

Math is the correct spelling for this sentence. Maths can be the correct spelling for this sentence. In other words it depends on how you put it in a sentence. * * * * * English : Maths US : Math

Other words for addition?

Also, Plus, Furthermore, And

What are some other words for addition?

Sum, Plus

Other words instead of and?

also in addition plus

Do you need maths a to become an electrian?

Yes of course you do. You need maths in practically every occupation. You need the maths for the wires. The basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is needed alot.

How is maths used in football game?

maths can be used by counting the scores of each team . in this you use addition . you can even use it by calculating time.

What are other math words meaning addition?

For ex.: summing.

What are some other words for addition in math?

addplus add on to

Another word for addition?

Addition is the act of adding one thing to another thing. Other words that mean addition are inclusion, incorporation, or appendage.

What other words in maths mean minus?

subtract and takeaway, find the difference, how many are left

What are the four fundamentals?

addition,subtraction,division and multiplication are the four fundamentals in maths.

What are the 4 basic maths symbols?

Addition (+), Substraction (-), Division ( / ), and Multiplication ( x ).

What are the 4 rules in maths?

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

What other words can be used instead of also?

in addition, as well as, too

How is maths different from other subjects?

Maths is different from other subjects as you use alot of numbers. Maths is also different as it is not taught like the other subjects it inclues puzzle, equations and other stuff. Maths can be fun, if taught in a certain way. Some math puzzles may look hard but can be overcome, there are many maths books out there that can help.

Are there you maths words?


Why did the Romans use maths?

For addition, subtraction. division and multiplication purposes in the same way that we do maths today but they had their own system of numbers known as the Roman numeral system.