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isn't it -50?

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Q: Out of water was 180.3° and it caught at a rate of -2.5° per minute what was the temperature after 20 minutes?
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How long does ibuprofen 600 mg break?

It will take about a minute to break in water. Depending on the water temperature.

What happens to the temperature of boiling water after boiling for 5 minutes?

after 5 minutes the water vaporates (it turnes from water into steam) Until all molecules have gone from liquid to gas, the temperature is steady at boiling temp, 100C.

The temperature of hot water in a beaker was 86 C.The water cooled by 2 C every minute.What was the temperature of the water after 15 minutes?


If you have a 7 minute hourglass and a 11 minute hourglass how do you cook an egg for exactly 15 minutes?

You have two hour glass: 11 minutes and 7 minutes.Problem, time an egg cooking for fifteen minutes.Step 1. Put water on to boil, as you want the water boiling when you cook an egg.Step 2. Start both the 11 and the 7 minute timersStep 3. When the seven minute timer runs out, you still have four minutes left on the eleven minute timer (11-7=4). Put the Egg in the water now and wait four minutes.Step 4. When the eleven minute timer runs out (the egg has been in the water for four minutes), turn it over and wait till it runs out again.Step 5. When the eleven minute timer runs out the second time the egg is done.4 minutes + 11 minutes = 15 minutes.Step 6. Run the egg under cold water for a minute to cool the shellStep 7. Peel egg and cut into quarters, lightly salt to taste.Step 8. Enjoy eating your hard boiled egg.

How many minutes food coloring diffuse in hot water?

Less than a minute. The hotter the water, the faster the diffusion.

How fast does salt dissolved in water?

If you don't stir it a couple of minutes, if you do stir it around a minute.

What do you predict will happen to the temperature of the water in each beaker after 5 minutes?

If the water is sitting at room temperature and remaining at room temperature for the next 5 minutes the temp. will remain the same. Your question can be answered in greater details if you explain the situation a little further.

What are the factors responsible for state change this is a question of chapter matter?

Typically, this is the pressure and temperature. For instance, the temperature at which water turns to steam at atmospheric pressure is 100 C. But, at a lower pressure, the temperature decreases. This is why a 2 minute egg takes longer than 2 minutes to cook on top of a mountain where the pressure due to the atmosphere is less.

A 5000 gallon water tanker is sent to refill the water buffaloes Of the driver pumps 750 gallons in 15 minutes What is the rate of flow in gallons per minute?

50 gallons per minute

If the radius of pipe is 1.2cm what is the volume after 30 minutes?

It depends on how much water was in it to begin with and how much water is entering per minute.

How do eels regulate internal temperature?

Eels can survive out of water for at least 15 minutes, they live in the water at a temperature of 17-23 degrees celsius.

Phil is filling a pool with water He knows that the amount of water in the pool in gallons is a function of the number of minutes he has been filling the pool Phil names this function Water minute?

W(15) is the number of gallons of water in the pool after 15 minutes.

How long will water take to equalize to room temperature?

24 minutes

What happens if a person drinks cold water after a 90 minute exercise?

it dosent go down as fast as temperature water would

What is the NHS guidelines for safe bath water temperature for the elderly?

The American Burn Association publishes a table on their website indicating that a healthy adult can be scalded within 5 minutes in 120 degrees F (48 C) and within 1 minute in water temperatures127 degree F (52C).

If beets have been boiled in water for 15 minutes what color would the water be?

If you boil beets in water for 15 minute the water should become a reddish purple color.

If i had a three minute eggtimer and a five minute eggtimer and i need to boil an egg for seven minutes how would you do this?

I would use my watch, or the timer function of my microwave. Or you can start both timers at the same moment, before putting the egg in the water. When the 3-minute timer ends, put the egg in. This leaves 2 minutes on the 5-minute timer, assuming both timers are relatively accurate. When the 5-minute timer ends, re-set it again for 5 minutes, and you will have your 7 minute egg when the timer ends.

Why does the hot water run out in just a few minutes?

The water heater temperature is set too low.

Does baking soda lower or raise the temperature of water?

Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) causes an exothermic reaction in the water which causes the water's temperature to lower. At the same time the baking soda dissolves in the water within a minute of putting the baking soda in the water.

How long does gnocchi take to cook?

6 to 8 minutes after putting into boiling water. Sir every minute.

What temperature kills staph bacteria?

boiling water at least 15 minutes

How many minutes does water needs to boil?

There are variables involved. You need to know the amount of water, its initial temperature, the amount of heat being applied and the ambient temperature.

Why does a mixture of heated sugar and water become solid when left in a freezing tray after 10 minutes?

Water, with or without sugar, becomes a solid (known as ice) when it freezes. The exact amount of time depends upon the amount of water, the temperature of the water, and the temperature of the freezer that you are using. It won't always be 10 minutes.

What is the temperature of ice and water?

Maybe you asked if what is the temperature of ice. Well, since the freezing point of water is 0 degrees (ice is the result when water reach 0 degree Celsius) So, ice is 0 degree Celsius. But if you want to ask what is the temperature of the water, it just depends. The boiling point of water is 100 degree Celsius. But the temperature of water will just depend while you measure its temperature by using a thermometer in a minute or hour.

Why is hot water hotter than ice water?

well this is because the temperature is very high, and on the other hand with ice water the temperature is very low. If you get an ice cube and put it in very hot water, it will melt in about a minute or two. Hope this helped! :)