P (4 and C)

Updated: 9/26/2023
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The answer depends on what P represents and also what 4 and C are.

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Q: P (4 and C)
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A[+] Apganistan‎ (4 C, 5 P)[+] Arabyang Saudi‎ (8 C, 5 P)[+] Armenya‎ (2 C, 3 P)[+] Aserbayan‎ (2 C, 3 P)B[+] Bahrain‎ (1 C, 1 P)[+] Banglades‎ (4 C, 1 P)[+] Biyetnam‎ (10 C, 11 P)[+] Burma‎ (2 C, 1 P)E[+] Ehipto‎ (9 C, 8 P)[+] Mga Emiratong Arabong Nagkakaisa‎ (1 C, 1 P)H[+] Hapon‎ (24 C, 211 P)[×] Hordanya‎ (4 P)I[×] Indonesia‎ (2 P)[+] Indonesya‎ (8 C, 15 P)I tuloy[+] Indya‎ (16 C, 27 P)[+] Irak‎ (6 C, 8 P)[+] Iran‎ (11 C, 9 P)[+] Israel‎ (9 C, 16 P)K[×] Kazakhstan‎ (2 P)[×] Kuwait‎ (1 P)L[+] Laos‎ (1 C, 1 P)[+] Libano‎ (1 C, 2 P)M[+] Malaysia‎ (11 C, 8 P)[+] Mga bansa sa Silangang Asya‎ (4 C, 5 P)[+] Mga bansa sa Timog Asya‎ (1 C, 1 P)[+] Mga bansa sa timog-silangang Asya‎ (3 C)[+] Mongolia‎ (2 C, 35 P)N[+] Nepal‎ (1 C, 3 P)P[+] Pakistan‎ (9 C, 4 P)[+] Pilipinas‎ (32 C, 257 P)Q[+] Qatar‎ (2 C, 1 P)R[+] Rusya‎ (13 C, 39 P)S[+] Silangang Timor‎ (2 C, 1 P)[+] Singapore‎ (1 C, 6 P)[+] Sirya‎ (4 C, 5 P)T[+] Taiwan‎ (6 C, 7 P)[×] Tayikistan‎ (2 P)[+] Tsina‎ (20 C, 33 P)[+] Turkiya‎ (7 C, 103 P)[+] Turkmenistan‎ (1 C, 1 P)Y[+] Yemen‎ (1 C, 6 P)

Formula for Perimeter of a triangle?

To find the perimeter of a triangle, use the formula a+b+c. ex: The sides are 4, 8, and 6. P=a+b+c P=4+8+6+= P=18

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p = r - c r - c = p r - c - r = p - r -(-c) = -(p) c = -p

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// car: R8 POLICE --------------------- idiv(160) shadow() 1stColor(51,51,51) 2ndColor(255,255,255) ----------------------------------------- // front rail: <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(25,35,119) p(17,35,119) p(17,35,87) p(25,35,87) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-25,35,119) p(-17,35,119) p(-17,35,87) p(-25,35,87) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(25,35,119) p(17,35,119) p(17,21,119) p(-17,21,119) p(-17,35,119) p(-25,35,119) p(-25,11,119) p(-17,11,119) p(-17,25,119) p(17,25,119) p(17,11,119) p(25,11,119) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(25,35,117) p(17,35,117) p(17,21,117) p(-17,21,117) p(-17,35,117) p(-25,35,117) p(-25,11,117) p(-17,11,117) p(-17,25,117) p(17,25,117) p(17,11,117) p(25,11,117) </p> ---------------- // back rail: <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-25,35,-111) p(-17,35,-111) p(-17,35,-87) p(-25,35,-87) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(25,35,-111) p(17,35,-111) p(17,35,-87) p(25,35,-87) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-25,35,-109) p(-17,35,-109) p(-17,11,-109) p(17,11,-109) p(17,35,-109) p(25,35,-109) p(25,1,-109) p(17,1,-109) p(17,15,-109) p(-17,15,-109) p(-17,1,-109) p(-25,1,-109) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-25,35,-111) p(-17,35,-111) p(-17,11,-111) p(17,11,-111) p(17,35,-111) p(25,35,-111) p(25,1,-111) p(17,1,-111) p(17,15,-111) p(-17,15,-111) p(-17,1,-111) p(-25,1,-111) </p> ----------------------------------------- <p> c(50,50,255) fs(1) gr(-30) p(24,-19,20) p(20,-24,21) p(20,-24,30) p(24,-18,31) </p> <p> c(50,50,255) fs(-1) gr(-30) p(24,-19,20) p(20,-24,21) p(5,-24,20) p(5,-19,20) </p> <p> c(50,50,255) fs(1) gr(-30) p(24,-18,31) p(20,-24,30) p(5,-24,31) p(5,-18,31) </p> <p> c(50,50,255) fs(1) gr(-30) p(5,-24,31) p(20,-24,30) p(20,-24,21) p(5,-24,20) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(1) gr(-30) p(-5,-19,20) p(-5,-24,20) p(5,-24,20) p(5,-19,20) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(-1) gr(-30) p(-5,-18,31) p(-5,-24,31) p(5,-24,31) p(5,-18,31) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(-1) gr(-30) p(5,-24,31) p(-5,-24,31) p(-5,-24,20) p(5,-24,20) </p> <p> c(255,50,50) fs(-1) gr(-30) p(-5,-19,20) p(-5,-24,20) p(-20,-24,21) p(-24,-19,20) </p> <p> c(255,50,50) fs(1) gr(-30) p(-5,-18,31) p(-5,-24,31) p(-20,-24,30) p(-24,-18,31) </p> <p> c(255,50,50) fs(1) gr(-30) p(-20,-24,30) p(-5,-24,31) p(-5,-24,20) p(-20,-24,21) </p> <p> c(255,50,50) fs(-1) gr(-30) p(-24,-19,20) p(-20,-24,21) p(-20,-24,30) p(-24,-18,31) </p> ---hot wheels logo---- <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(0) p(11,30,-58) p(9,30,-52) p(6,30,-48) p(4,30,-41) p(6,30,-35) p(8,30,-34) p(10,30,-35) p(12,30,-38) p(16,30,-42) p(20,30,-45) p(17,30,-40) p(12,30,-30) p(11,30,-25) p(10,30,-20) p(14,30,5) p(15,30,20) p(14,30,35) p(9,30,50) p(0,30,60) p(-10,30,60) p(-19,30,48) p(-21,30,46) p(-17,30,45) p(-14,30,42) p(-13,30,35) p(-11,30,25) p(-13,30,15) p(-14,30,5) p(-19,30,-15) p(-17,30,-30) p(-15,30,-40) p(-13,30,-45) p(-8,30,-50) p(-11,30,-45) p(-13,30,-40) p(-14,30,-30) p(-13,30,-26) p(-10,30,-24) p(-7,30,-26) p(-6,30,-30) p(-7,30,-35) p(-6,30,-43) p(-2,30,-50) p(9,30,-58) p(9,30,-61) p(8,30,-64) p(11,30,-60) </p> ---------------------- <p> c(51,51,51) lightB gr(-25) fs(0) p(10,16,110) p(10,13,110) p(7,13,110) p(7,16,110) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) lightF gr(-25) fs(0) p(7,18,110) p(7,13,110) p(-7,13,110) p(-7,18,110) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) lightB gr(-25) fs(0) p(-10,16,110) p(-10,13,110) p(-7,13,110) p(-7,16,110) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) fs(4) gr(-30) p(-48,-2,66) p(-48,1,47) p(-48,35,47) p(-52,35,48) p(-52,22,48) p(-52,14,49) p(-52,6,53) p(-52,2,62) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) fs(4) gr(-30) p(-52,27,87) p(-43,27,98) p(-43,22,98) p(-46,10,96) p(-47,4,95) p(-45,2,96) p(-48,-2,66) p(-52,2,62) p(-52,2,73) p(-52,6,82) p(-52,14,86) p(-52,22,87) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-43,22,98) p(-43,27,98) p(-16,27,110) p(-17,25,110) p(-22,25,108) p(-41,24,100) </p> // rotr wheel <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-52,35,50) p(-52,35,48) p(-52,22,48) p(-52,14,49) p(-52,6,53) p(-52,2,62) p(-52,2,73) p(-52,4,72) p(-52,4,63) p(-52,7,55) p(-52,14,51) p(-52,22,50) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-52,35,85) p(-52,35,87) p(-52,22,87) p(-52,14,86) p(-52,6,82) p(-52,2,73) p(-52,4,72) p(-52,7,80) p(-52,14,84) p(-52,22,85) </p> // rotr flip <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-52,35,-50) p(-52,35,-48) p(-52,22,-48) p(-52,14,-49) p(-52,6,-53) p(-52,2,-62) p(-52,2,-73) p(-52,4,-72) p(-52,4,-63) p(-52,7,-55) p(-52,14,-51) p(-52,22,-50) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-52,35,-85) p(-52,34,-87) p(-52,22,-87) p(-52,14,-86) p(-52,6,-82) p(-52,2,-73) p(-52,4,-72) p(-52,7,-80) p(-52,14,-84) p(-52,22,-85) </p> // <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-48,3,32) p(-48,1,47) p(-48,26,47) p(-45,23,43) p(-42,19,-13) p(-42,4,-19) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-42,19,-13) p(-48,23,-11) p(-48,26,47) p(-45,23,43) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-48,23,-11) p(-48,26,-10) p(-48,27,47) p(-48,26,47) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-48,26,-10) p(-48,25,-47) p(-48,35,-47) p(-48,35,47) p(-48,27,47) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) // nefsel? gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-49,0,-70) p(-50,4,-94) p(-49,30,-98) p(-52,34,-87) // noto p(-52,22,-87) p(-52,14,-86) p(-52,6,-82) p(-52,2,-73) p(-52,2,-62) p(-52,6,-53) p(-52,14,-49) p(-52,22,-48) p(-52,35,-48) p(-48,35,-47) p(-48,25,-47) p(-48,26,-10) p(-48,23,-11) p(-48,21,-38) p(-48,2,-46) </p> // belt <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-48,2,-46) p(-48,21,-38) p(-48,23,-11) p(-48,4,-19) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-39,-4,-22) p(-35,-5,-49) p(-48,2,-46) p(-48,4,-19) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-32,-9,-49) p(-35,-5,-49) p(-39,-4,-22) p(-29,-14,-24) </p> // <p> c(51,51,51) fs(1) gr(-30) p(-40,-4,-12) p(-39,-4,-22) p(-48,4,-19) p(-48,3,32) p(-48,1,47) p(-40,-4,47) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-48,4,-19) p(-42,4,-19) p(-48,3,32) </p> <p> // ino exost c(0,0,0) fs(-1) p(-48,4,-19) p(-42,4,-19) p(-42,19,-13) p(-48,23,-11) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-40,-5,70) p(-40,-4,47) p(-48,1,47) p(-48,-2,66) p(-45,2,96) p(-25,10,112) p(-28,6,110) p(-35,0,97) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) fs(-4) gr(-30) p(-32,-5,-70) p(-35,-5,-49) p(-48,2,-46) p(-49,0,-70) p(-50,4,-94) p(-48,-1,-91) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-32,-9,-49) p(-35,-5,-49) p(-32,-5,-70) p(-28,-16,-27) p(-29,-14,-24) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-40,-4,47) p(-36,-4,51) p(-26,-18,29) p(-27,-20,11) p(-28,-16,-27) p(-29,-14,-24) p(-29,-15,-13) p(-29,-18,11) p(-29,-16,28) </p> // head light <p> c(255555,255555,255555) fs(1) lightF p(-47,4,95) p(-46,10,96) p(-36,10,103) p(-35,12,103) p(-27,12,107) p(-23,13,110) p(-25,9,110) p(-45,2,96) </p> // rada and spikes <p> c(5,5,5) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-43,22,98) p(-46,10,96) p(-36,10,103) p(-35,12,103) p(-27,12,107) p(-22,25,108) p(-41,24,100) </p> // <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-23,12,110) p(-27,12,107) p(-22,25,108) p(-17,25,110) p(-21,15,112) p(-25,10,112) p(-25,9,110) </p> ///---------- flip <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(48,-2,66) p(48,1,47) p(48,35,47) p(52,35,48) p(52,22,48) p(52,14,49) p(52,6,53) p(52,2,62) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(52,27,87) p(43,27,98) p(43,22,98) p(46,10,96) p(47,4,95) p(45,2,96) p(48,-2,66) p(52,2,62) p(52,2,73) p(52,6,82) p(52,14,86) p(52,22,87) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(43,22,98) p(43,27,98) p(16,27,110) p(17,25,110) p(22,25,108) p(41,24,100) </p> // rotr wheel <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(52,35,50) p(52,35,48) p(52,22,48) p(52,14,49) p(52,6,53) p(52,2,62) p(52,2,73) p(52,4,72) p(52,4,63) p(52,7,55) p(52,14,51) p(52,22,50) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(52,35,85) p(52,35,87) p(52,22,87) p(52,14,86) p(52,6,82) p(52,2,73) p(52,4,72) p(52,7,80) p(52,14,84) p(52,22,85) </p> // rotr flip <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(52,35,-50) p(52,35,-48) p(52,22,-48) p(52,14,-49) p(52,6,-53) p(52,2,-62) p(52,2,-73) p(52,4,-72) p(52,4,-63) p(52,7,-55) p(52,14,-51) p(52,22,-50) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(52,35,-85) p(52,34,-87) p(52,22,-87) p(52,14,-86) p(52,6,-82) p(52,2,-73) p(52,4,-72) p(52,7,-80) p(52,14,-84) p(52,22,-85) </p> // <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(5) p(48,3,32) p(48,1,47) p(48,26,47) p(45,23,43) p(42,19,-13) p(42,4,-19) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(42,19,-13) p(48,23,-11) p(48,26,47) p(45,23,43) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(48,23,-11) p(48,26,-10) p(48,27,47) p(48,26,47) </p> <p> c(40,40,40) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(48,25,-47) p(48,35,-47) p(48,35,-37) p(48,26,-37) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(48,25,-37) p(48,35,-37) p(48,35,47) p(48,27,47) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) // nefsel? gr(-30) fs(-4) p(49,0,-70) p(50,4,-94) p(49,30,-98) p(52,34,-87) // noto p(52,22,-87) p(52,14,-86) p(52,6,-82) p(52,2,-73) p(52,2,-62) p(52,6,-53) p(52,14,-49) p(52,22,-48) p(52,35,-48) p(48,35,-47) p(48,25,-47) p(48,26,-10) p(48,23,-11) p(48,21,-38) p(48,2,-46) </p> // belt <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(48,2,-46) p(48,21,-38) p(48,23,-11) p(48,4,-19) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(39,-4,-22) p(35,-5,-49) p(48,2,-46) p(48,4,-19) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(32,-9,-49) p(35,-5,-49) p(39,-4,-22) p(29,-14,-24) </p> // <p> c(51,51,51) fs(-4) gr(-30) p(40,-4,-12) p(39,-4,-22) p(48,4,-19) p(48,3,32) p(48,1,47) p(40,-4,47) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(48,4,-19) p(42,4,-19) p(48,3,32) </p> <p> // ino exost c(0,0,0) fs(1) p(48,4,-19) p(42,4,-19) p(42,19,-13) p(48,23,-11) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(4) p(40,-5,70) p(40,-4,47) p(48,1,47) p(48,-2,66) p(45,2,96) p(25,10,112) p(28,6,110) p(35,0,97) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(4) p(32,-5,-70) p(35,-5,-49) p(48,2,-46) p(49,0,-70) p(50,4,-94) p(48,-1,-91) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(32,-9,-49) p(35,-5,-49) p(32,-5,-70) p(28,-16,-27) p(29,-14,-24) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(40,-4,47) p(36,-4,51) p(26,-18,29) p(27,-20,11) p(28,-16,-27) p(29,-14,-24) p(29,-15,-13) p(29,-18,11) p(29,-16,28) </p> // head light <p> c(255555,255555,255555) fs(-1) lightF p(47,4,95) p(46,10,96) p(36,10,103) p(35,12,103) p(27,12,107) p(23,13,110) p(25,9,110) p(45,2,96) </p> // rada and spikes <p> c(5,5,5) fs(4) gr(-30) p(43,22,98) p(46,10,96) p(36,10,103) p(35,12,103) p(27,12,107) p(22,25,108) p(41,24,100) </p> // <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(23,12,110) p(27,12,107) p(22,25,108) p(17,25,110) p(21,15,112) p(25,10,112) p(25,9,110) </p> /// serounds ------- <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-15,7,114) p(-20,8,111) p(-13,26,111) p(-8,27,112) p(-16,27,110) p(-17,25,110) p(-21,15,112) p(-25,10,112) p(-28,6,110) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(15,7,114) p(20,8,111) p(13,26,111) p(8,27,112) p(16,27,110) p(17,25,110) p(21,15,112) p(25,10,112) p(28,6,110) </p> <p> c(5,5,5) fs(1) p(-15,7,114) p(-20,8,111) p(-13,26,111) p(-8,27,112) p(8,27,112) p(13,26,111) p(20,8,111) p(15,7,114) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-20,-6,58) p(-40,-4,47) p(-40,-5,70) p(-35,0,97) p(-28,6,110) p(-15,7,114) p(15,7,114) p(28,6,110) p(35,0,97) p(40,-5,70) p(40,-4,47) p(20,-6,58) </p> <p> glass fs(0) p(-26,-18,29) p(-36,-4,51) p(-20,-6,58) p(20,-6,58) p(36,-4,51) p(26,-18,29) p(13,-18,35) p(-13,-18,35) </p> ------- roof <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-20) fs(4) p(28,-16,-27) p(-28,-16,-27) p(-27,-20,11) p(-26,-18,29) p(-13,-18,35) p(13,-18,35) p(26,-18,29) p(27,-20,11) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-29,-14,-24) p(-29,-15,-13) p(-40,-4,-12) p(-39,-4,-22) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(29,-14,-24) p(29,-15,-13) p(40,-4,-12) p(39,-4,-22) </p> <p> glass fs(-1) p(29,-15,-13) p(40,-4,-12) p(40,-4,47) p(29,-16,28) p(29,-18,11) </p> <p> glass fs(1) p(-29,-15,-13) p(-40,-4,-12) p(-40,-4,47) p(-29,-16,28) p(-29,-18,11) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-24,-16,-27) p(-28,-16,-27) p(-32,-5,-70) p(-20,-5,-70) p(-24,-6,-67) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(24,-16,-27) p(28,-16,-27) p(32,-5,-70) p(20,-5,-70) p(24,-6,-67) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(-24,-16,-27) p(24,-16,-27) p(24,-6,-67) p(20,-5,-70) p(-20,-5,-70) p(-24,-6,-67) </p> ------------------------------- <p> c(51,51,51) fs(4) gr(-30) p(-32,-5,-70) p(32,-5,-70) p(23,-4,-97) p(-23,-4,-97) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) fs(4) gr(-30) p(32,-5,-70) p(48,-1,-91) p(23,-4,-97) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) fs(4) gr(-30) p(-32,-5,-70) p(-23,-4,-97) p(-48,-1,-91) </p> ---------------------------------- <p> c(20000,0,0) lightB p(-48,-1,-91) p(-50,4,-94) p(-23,3,-99) p(-23,-4,-97) </p> <p> c(20000,0,0) lightB p(48,-1,-91) p(50,4,-94) p(23,3,-99) p(23,-4,-97) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(23,3,-99) p(23,-4,-97) p(-23,-4,-97) p(-23,3,-99) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-50,4,-94) p(-44,18,-100) p(-26,20,-102) p(26,20,-102) p(44,18,-100) p(50,4,-94) p(49,30,-98) p(20,30,-103) p(-20,30,-103) p(-49,30,-98) </p> <p> c(5,5,5) fs(-1) p(-29,3,-98) p(-50,4,-94) p(-44,18,-100) p(-26,20,-102) </p> <p> c(5,5,5) fs(1) p(29,3,-98) p(50,4,-94) p(44,18,-100) p(26,20,-102) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) gr(-30) fs(4) p(29,3,-98) p(-29,3,-98) p(-29,5,-99) p(-25,5,-99) p(-29,5,-99) p(-28,9,-100) p(-24,9,-100) p(-28,9,-100) p(-28,13,-101) p(-23,13,-101) p(-28,13,-101) p(-27,17,-102) p(-22,17,-102) p(-27,17,-102) p(-26,20,-102) p(26,20,-102) p(27,17,-102) p(22,17,-102) p(27,17,-102) p(28,13,-101) p(23,13,-101) p(28,13,-101) p(28,9,-100) p(24,9,-100) p(28,9,-100) p(29,5,-99) p(25,5,-99) p(29,5,-99) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) fs(1) p(-52,34,-87) p(-49,30,-98) p(-20,30,-103) p(-42,34,-87) </p> <p> c(51,51,51) fs(-1) p(52,34,-87) p(49,30,-98) p(20,30,-103) p(42,34,-87) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(-1) p(-20,30,-103) p(-42,34,-87) p(42,34,-87) p(20,30,-103) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(-1) p(40,34,-87) p(-40,34,-87) p(-40,35,-47) p(40,35,-47) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(1) p(-48,35,-47) p(48,35,-47) p(48,35,47) p(-48,35,47) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(1) p(40,35,87) p(-40,35,87) p(-40,35,47) p(40,35,47) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-52,27,87) p(-43,27,98) p(-43,35,98) p(-52,35,87) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-43,35,98) p(-43,27,98) p(-16,27,110) p(-16,33,110) p(-30,33,104) p(-36,35,101) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(5) p(52,27,87) p(43,27,98) p(43,35,98) p(52,35,87) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(5) p(43,35,98) p(43,27,98) p(16,27,110) p(16,33,110) p(30,33,104) p(36,35,101) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-16,33,110) p(-16,27,110) p(16,27,110) p(16,33,110) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(0) p(36,35,101) p(30,33,104) p(16,33,110) p(-16,33,110) p(-30,33,104) p(-36,35,101) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) fs(-1) p(52,35,87) p(-52,35,87) p(-43,35,98) p(-36,35,101) p(36,35,101) p(43,35,98) </p> ----------------------- //rims([color],size,depth) //184,196,207 // wheeels: //w(cx,cy,cz,rotates,w,h) gwgr(25) rims(255,255,255,25,45) w(-48,20,67,11,19,14) w(48,20,67,11,-19,14) gwgr(25) rims(255,255,255,25,45) w(-48,20,-67,0,19,14) w(48,20,-67,0,-19,14) physics(100,100,100,64,50,100,24,100,24,100,100,40,40,0,3,6439) stat(125,84,116,181,174) handling(200) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // car: Mazda RX8 GTI --------------------- div(16) shadow() 1stColor(255,100,0) 2ndColor(30,30,30) --Lado Derecho- <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,15,95) p(50,15,85) p(45,-10,80) p(45,-13,65) p(45,-10,50) p(45,15,45) p(50,15,40) p(50,2,40) p(50,-23,35) p(45,-18,85) p(45,-12,91) p(45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(50,-23,35) p(50,2,40) p(50,15,40) p(45,2,40) p(45,-23,35) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-18,85) p(45,-23,35) p(50,-23,35) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,15,95) p(45,15,85) p(45,-10,80) p(45,-13,65) p(45,-10,50) p(45,15,45) p(45,15,40) p(45,2,40) p(45,-23,35) p(45,-18,85) p(45,-12,91) p(45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,2,-13) p(45,2,40) p(45,-23,35) p(45,-23,33) p(45,-24,-11) p(45,-24,-15) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,2,-13) p(45,-24,-15) p(45,-24,-42) p(45,2,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(50,15,40) p(45,2,40) p(45,2,-40) p(50,15,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(50,15,-40) p(45,15,-40) p(45,15,40) p(50,15,40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,15,40) p(45,2,40) p(50,15,40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,15,-40) p(45,2,-40) p(50,15,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(50,15,-40) p(50,15,-45) p(50,-10,-50) p(50,-13,-65) p(45,-13,-85) p(45,-17,-95) p(45,-20,-87) p(45,-24,-95) p(50,-24,-42) p(50,2,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(50,-24,-42) p(50,15,-40) p(50,15,-40) p(45,2,-40) p(45,-24,-42) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(50,-24,-42) p(45,-24,-42) p(45,-24,-95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(50,15,-45) p(45,15,-45) p(45,-10,-50) p(50,-10,-50) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(50,-13,-65) p(45,-10,-50) p(50,-10,-50) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,15,-40) p(45,15,-45) p(45,-10,-50) p(45,-13,-65) p(45,-13,-85) p(45,-17,-95) p(45,-20,-87) p(45,-24,-95) p(45,-24,-42) p(45,2,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-13,-65) p(50,-10,-80) p(50,15,-85) p(50,15,-93) p(45,-5,-103) p(45,-17,-103) p(45,-17,-95) p(45,-13,-85) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-13,-65) p(45,-10,-80) p(45,15,-85) p(45,15,-93) p(45,-5,-103) p(45,-17,-103) p(45,-17,-95) p(45,-13,-85) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-10,-80) p(50,-10,-80) p(50,15,-85) p(45,15,-85) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-17,-103) p(50,15,-93) p(45,15,-93) </p> // Mirror of the 21 polygons above along the X axis: --Lado Derecho- <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,15,95) p(-50,15,85) p(-45,-10,80) p(-45,-13,65) p(-45,-10,50) p(-45,15,45) p(-50,15,40) p(-50,2,40) p(-50,-23,35) p(-45,-18,85) p(-45,-12,91) p(-45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-50,-23,35) p(-50,2,40) p(-50,15,40) p(-45,2,40) p(-45,-23,35) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,-18,85) p(-45,-23,35) p(-50,-23,35) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,15,95) p(-45,15,85) p(-45,-10,80) p(-45,-13,65) p(-45,-10,50) p(-45,15,45) p(-45,15,40) p(-45,2,40) p(-45,-23,35) p(-45,-18,85) p(-45,-12,91) p(-45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,2,-13) p(-45,2,40) p(-45,-23,35) p(-45,-23,33) p(-45,-24,-11) p(-45,-24,-15) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,2,-13) p(-45,-24,-15) p(-45,-24,-42) p(-45,2,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-50,15,40) p(-45,2,40) p(-45,2,-40) p(-50,15,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-50,15,-40) p(-45,15,-40) p(-45,15,40) p(-50,15,40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,15,40) p(-45,2,40) p(-50,15,40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,15,-40) p(-45,2,-40) p(-50,15,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-50,15,-40) p(-50,15,-45) p(-50,-10,-50) p(-50,-13,-65) p(-45,-13,-85) p(-45,-17,-95) p(-45,-20,-87) p(-45,-24,-95) p(-50,-24,-42) p(-50,2,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-50,-24,-42) p(-50,15,-40) p(-50,15,-40) p(-45,2,-40) p(-45,-24,-42) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-50,-24,-42) p(-45,-24,-42) p(-45,-24,-95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-50,15,-45) p(-45,15,-45) p(-45,-10,-50) p(-50,-10,-50) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-50,-13,-65) p(-45,-10,-50) p(-50,-10,-50) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,15,-40) p(-45,15,-45) p(-45,-10,-50) p(-45,-13,-65) p(-45,-13,-85) p(-45,-17,-95) p(-45,-20,-87) p(-45,-24,-95) p(-45,-24,-42) p(-45,2,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,-13,-65) p(-50,-10,-80) p(-50,15,-85) p(-50,15,-93) p(-45,-5,-103) p(-45,-17,-103) p(-45,-17,-95) p(-45,-13,-85) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,-13,-65) p(-45,-10,-80) p(-45,15,-85) p(-45,15,-93) p(-45,-5,-103) p(-45,-17,-103) p(-45,-17,-95) p(-45,-13,-85) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,-10,-80) p(-50,-10,-80) p(-50,15,-85) p(-45,15,-85) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,-17,-103) p(-50,15,-93) p(-45,15,-93) </p> // End of mirror -----Fin del lado derecho---- -----CAPO Y LUCES <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-23,35) p(45,-18,85) p(30,-17,94) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-23,35) p(45,-23,33) p(40,-39,8) p(40,-39,10) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-23,33) p(45,-24,-11) p(40,-39,-11) p(40,-39,8) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-24,-15) p(45,-24,-11) p(40,-39,-11) p(40,-39,-15) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-24,-35) p(45,-24,-15) p(40,-39,-15) p(41,-35,-39) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-24,-50) p(45,-24,-35) p(41,-35,-39) p(40,-39,-15) p(40,-36,-47) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,15,95) p(-45,15,85) p(-45,-10,80) p(-45,-13,65) p(-45,-10,50) p(-45,15,45) p(-45,15,40) p(-45,2,40) p(-45,-23,35) p(-45,-18,85) p(-45,-12,91) p(-45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,2,-13) p(-45,2,40) p(-45,-23,35) p(-45,-23,33) p(-45,-24,-11) p(-45,-24,-15) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,2,-13) p(-45,-24,-15) p(-45,-24,-42) p(-45,2,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,15,40) p(-45,2,40) p(-45,2,-40) p(-45,15,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,15,-40) p(-45,15,-45) p(-45,-10,-50) p(-45,-13,-65) p(-45,-13,-85) p(-45,-17,-95) p(-45,-20,-87) p(-45,-24,-95) p(-45,-24,-42) p(-45,2,-40) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-13,-65) p(-45,-10,-80) p(-45,15,-85) p(-45,15,-93) p(-45,-5,-103) p(-45,-17,-103) p(-45,-17,-95) p(-45,-13,-85) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-23,35) p(-45,-18,85) p(-30,-17,94) </p> -----------------LUCES--------------- <p> c(1162,1162,1162) lightF gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-18,85) p(-30,-17,94) p(-25,-12,97) p(-45,-12,91) </p> <p> c(1162,1162,1162) lightF gr(-30) fs(-4) p(45,-18,85) p(30,-17,94) p(25,-12,97) p(45,-12,91) </p> ------- <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-12,91) p(-25,-12,101) p(-25,-12,97) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-12,91) p(25,-12,101) p(25,-12,97) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(30,-17,94) p(25,-12,101) p(25,-12,97) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-30,-17,94) p(-25,-12,101) p(-25,-12,97) </p> -----------------------FIN DE LUCES------------- <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-23,35) p(-45,-23,33) p(-40,-39,8) p(-40,-39,10) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-23,33) p(-45,-24,-11) p(-40,-39,-11) p(-40,-39,8) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-24,-15) p(-45,-24,-11) p(-40,-39,-11) p(-40,-39,-15) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-24,-35) p(-45,-24,-15) p(-40,-39,-15) p(-41,-35,-39) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-24,-50) p(-45,-24,-35) p(-41,-35,-39) p(-40,-39,-15) p(-40,-36,-47) </p> -------Fin de capo y luces---- -------PÀRTE FRONTAL------ <p> c(10,15,10) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,0,95) p(25,0,105) p(25,-5,104) p(45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,0,95) p(-25,0,105) p(-25,-5,104) p(-45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,0,95) p(-25,0,105) p(-25,-5,104) p(-45,-5,95) </p> --------------------------------- <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,7,98) p(25,7,108) p(25,15,108) p(45,15,98) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,0,95) p(25,0,105) p(25,5,105) p(45,5,95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,5,95) p(25,5,105) p(25,7,108) p(45,7,98) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,5,95) p(45,15,95) p(45,15,98) p(45,7,98) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(25,15,108) p(45,15,98) p(45,15,95) p(25,15,105) </p> // Mirror of the 6 polygons above along the X axis: <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,7,98) p(-25,7,108) p(-25,15,108) p(-45,15,98) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,5,95) p(-25,5,105) p(-25,7,108) p(-45,7,98) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,5,95) p(-45,15,95) p(-45,15,98) p(-45,7,98) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-25,15,108) p(-45,15,98) p(-45,15,95) p(-25,15,105) </p> // End of mirror --------- <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(20,10,105) p(-20,10,105) p(-20,15,105) p(20,15,105) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(20,10,108) p(-20,10,108) p(-20,15,108) p(20,15,108) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(20,10,108) p(20,15,108) p(25,15,108) p(25,7,108) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-20,10,108) p(20,10,108) p(20,10,105) p(-20,10,105) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(20,10,108) p(20,10,105) p(25,5,105) p(25,7,108) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(25,15,100) p(-25,15,100) p(-25,15,108) p(25,15,108) </p> // Mirror of the 4 polygons above along the X axis: <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-20,10,108) p(-20,15,108) p(-25,15,108) p(-25,7,108) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-20,10,108) p(-20,10,105) p(-25,5,105) p(-25,7,108) </p> // End of mirror ---------------------------------- <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) p(25,15,100) p(25,0,100) p(25,0,105) p(25,15,105) </p> <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) p(-25,0,100) p(-25,0,105) p(25,0,105) p(25,0,100) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-25,15,105) p(-25,0,105) p(-45,0,95) p(-45,15,95) </p> ------------------- <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) fs(4) p(25,0,100) p(-25,0,100) p(-25,15,100) p(25,15,100) </p> ------------------- <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-25,15,100) p(-25,0,100) p(-25,0,105) p(-25,15,105) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-12,91) p(25,-12,101) p(23,-9,102) p(20,-2,105) p(25,-2,105) p(25,-5,104) p(45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-12,91) p(-25,-12,101) p(-23,-9,102) p(-20,-2,105) p(-25,-2,105) p(-25,-5,104) p(-45,-5,95) </p> <p> c(255,255,255) gr(-30) fs(4) p(19,-9,103) p(17,-5,105) p(-17,-5,105) p(-19,-9,103) </p> <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) fs(4) p(19,-5,103) p(15,-2,105) p(-15,-2,105) p(-19,-5,103) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(25,-12,101) p(23,-9,102) p(20,-2,105) p(15,-2,105) p(19,-9,103) p(-19,-9,103) p(-15,-2,105) p(-20,-2,105) p(-23,-9,102) p(-25,-12,101) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(25,0,105) p(-25,0,105) p(-25,-2,105) p(25,-2,105) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(30,-17,94) p(25,-12,101) p(-25,-12,101) p(-30,-17,94) </p> ----------FIN DE PARTE FRONTAL---------- --------TECHO-------- <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-23,35) p(43,-23,35) p(38,-39,10) p(40,-39,10) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-23,35) p(-43,-23,35) p(-38,-39,10) p(-40,-39,10) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(43,-23,35) p(25,-23,40) p(-25,-23,40) p(-43,-23,35) p(-38,-39,10) p(38,-39,10) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(40,-39,10) p(40,-39,-15) p(40,-36,-47) p(-40,-36,-47) p(-40,-39,-15) p(-40,-39,10) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-24,-50) p(35,-24,-72) p(40,-36,-47) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-24,-50) p(-35,-24,-72) p(-40,-36,-47) </p> <p> glass gr(-30) fs(4) p(40,-36,-47) p(35,-24,-72) p(0,-24,-80) p(-35,-24,-72) p(-40,-36,-47) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-24,-50) p(45,-24,-95) p(28,-24,-100) p(-28,-24,-100) p(-45,-24,-95) p(-45,-24,-50) p(-35,-24,-72) p(0,-24,-77) p(35,-24,-72) </p> --------FIN DE TECHO-------- --------PARTE TRASERA------ <p> c(1162,1162,1162) lightF gr(-25) fs(0) p(45,-24,-95) p(28,-24,-100) p(25,-17,-100) p(45,-17,-95) </p> <p> c(100000,0,0) lightB gr(-28) fs(0) p(28,-19,-100) p(28,-21,-100) p(30,-23,-100) p(32,-23,-100) p(34,-21,-100) p(34,-19,-100) p(32,-17,-100) p(30,-17,-100) </p> <p> c(1162,1162,1162) lightF gr(-25) fs(0) p(45,-24,-95) p(45,-20,-87) p(45,-17,-95) </p> <p> c(1162,1162,1162) lightF gr(-25) fs(0) p(-45,-24,-95) p(-28,-24,-100) p(-25,-17,-100) p(-45,-17,-95) </p> <p> c(100000,0,0) lightB gr(-28) fs(0) p(-28,-19,-100) p(-28,-21,-100) p(-30,-23,-100) p(-32,-23,-100) p(-34,-21,-100) p(-34,-19,-100) p(-32,-17,-100) p(-30,-17,-100) </p> <p> c(1162,1162,1162) lightF gr(-25) fs(0) p(-45,-24,-95) p(-45,-20,-87) p(-45,-17,-95) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(28,-24,-100) p(25,-17,-100) p(-25,-17,-100) p(-28,-24,-100) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-17,-95) p(25,-17,-100) p(-25,-17,-100) p(-45,-17,-95) p(-45,-17,-103) p(-25,-17,-108) p(25,-17,-108) p(45,-17,-103) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,-17,-103) p(25,-17,-108) p(25,-5,-108) p(45,-5,-103) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,-17,-103) p(-25,-17,-108) p(-25,-5,-108) p(-45,-5,-103) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(25,-17,-108) p(-25,-17,-108) p(-25,-5,-108) p(25,-5,-108) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,15,-93) p(25,-5,-108) p(45,-5,-103) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,15,-93) p(-25,-5,-108) p(-45,-5,-103) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(45,15,-93) p(25,-5,-108) p(25,5,-103) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,15,-93) p(-25,-5,-108) p(-25,5,-103) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,15,-93) p(-25,-5,-108) p(-25,5,-103) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(4) p(25,5,-103) p(-25,5,-103) p(-25,-5,-108) p(25,-5,-108) </p> -----------------abajo:--------------- <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-45,15,-50) p(-45,15,45) p(45,15,45) p(45,15,-50) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-30,15,45) p(-30,15,100) p(30,15,100) p(30,15,45) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-30,15,-85) p(-30,15,-50) p(30,15,-50) p(30,15,-85) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-40,15,-100) p(-40,15,-85) p(40,15,-85) p(40,15,-100) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-30,5,-100) p(-30,15,-50) p(30,15,-50) p(30,5,-100) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-45,15,-85) p(-50,15,-85) p(-50,15,-93) p(-45,15,-93) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(45,15,-85) p(50,15,-85) p(50,15,-93) p(45,15,-93) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-30,15,-100) p(-30,15,-85) p(-30,5,-100) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-40,15,-100) p(-40,15,-85) p(-40,5,-100) </p> <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) fs(4) p(-40,5,-100) p(-40,15,-100) p(-30,15,-100) p(-30,5,-100) </p> <p> c(10,10,10) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(40,5,-100) p(40,15,-100) p(30,15,-100) p(30,5,-100) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(30,15,-100) p(30,15,-85) p(30,5,-100) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(40,15,-100) p(40,15,-85) p(40,5,-100) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(20,15,-100) p(20,15,-85) p(20,5,-100) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(10,15,-100) p(10,15,-85) p(10,5,-100) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(0,15,-100) p(0,15,-85) p(0,5,-100) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-20,15,-100) p(-20,15,-85) p(-20,5,-100) </p> --------------------- extra tuning!!! <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-20) fs(0) p(30,-17,94) p(-30,-17,94) p(-45,-23,35) p(-43,-23,35) p(-25,-23,40) p(25,-23,40) p(43,-23,35) p(45,-23,35) </p> <p> c(90,90,90) gr(-30) fs(-4) p(-10,15,-100) p(-10,15,-85) p(-10,5,-100) </p> -----izquierda------ <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-24,-40,-97) p(-24,-35,-87) p(-24,-25,-80) p(-24,-25,-87) </p> -----derecha--------- <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(24,-40,-97) p(24,-35,-87) p(24,-25,-80) p(24,-25,-87) </p> --------------------- <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(5) p(46,-35,-87) p(46,-40,-97) p(-46,-40,-97) p(-46,-35,-87) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-46,-44,-100) p(-46,-37,-85) p(-46,-35,-85) p(-46,-35,-100) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(5) p(-46,-30,-100) p(-46,-30,-85) p(-46,-35,-85) p(-46,-35,-100) </p> <p> c(30,30,30) gr(-30) fs(5) p(46,-44,-100) p(46,-37,-85) p(46,-35,-85) p(46,-35,-100) </p> <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(5) p(46,-30,-100) p(46,-30,-85) p(46,-35,-85) p(46,-35,-100) </p> -------------- <p> c(255,100,0) gr(-30) fs(5) p(6,-20,60) p(13,-21,55) p(16,-22,50) p(17,-23,38) p(19,-21,52) p(15,-20,62) p(8,-19,70) p(18,-20,65) p(22,-21,55) p(21,-23,40) p(26,-21,60) p(22,-19,75) p(0,-18,86) p(-22,-19,75) p(-26,-21,60) p(-21,-23,40) p(-22,-21,55) p(-18,-20,65) p(-8,-19,70) p(-15,-20,62) p(-19,-21,52) p(-17,-23,38) p(-16,-22,50) p(-13,-21,55) p(-6,-20,60) p(0,-19,62) </p> handling(200) physics(100,100,100,45,83,100,0,100,0,100,100,76,30,0,3,15126) gwgr(0) rims(255,255,255,25,20) w(-42,4,66,11,22,13) w(42,4,66,11,-22,13) gwgr(0) rims(255,255,255,25,20) w(-42,4,-66,0,22,13) w(42,4,-66,0,-22,13) stat(168,38,138,168,168)

How many pints equal 10 cups?

2 pints = 1cup 10 cups 5 pints c c c c c c c c c c p p p p p p

Three men are seeking job candidate a and b are given about the same chance of winning but c is given the chance twice as either a or b what is the probability that candidate a doesn't win?

P(A)+P(B)+P(C) = 1 so P(A)+P(A)+2*P(A) = 1 => P(A) = 1/4 and therefore, P(A') = 1 - P(A) = 3/4

Ditloid puzzle What is 4 D P C?

4 Doors Per Car