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If you are talking about the car make - then the parent company of Infinity is Nissan Automotives.

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Q: Parent company of Infinity
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Is google bigger than infinity?

While google is a huge multi-billion dollar company, it is significantly larger than infinity because infinity is merely a subsidiary of Nissan and is baked at a mere 42.8 billion dollars yearly, while google's parent company (alphabet) is valued at over $1 trillion dollars.

What car company makes infinity?

Nissan makes infinity

Who is the parent company of Apple?

Apple does not have a parent company. It is a parent company, which is a large company that owns smaller companies.

What is the parent company of Colgate?

Colgate is the parent company

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Who is the parent company for Winco Foods?

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Does Tmobile have a parent company and if so who is it?

Tmobile does have a parent company. It is a German parent company called Deutsche Telekom.

What is the infinity auto insurance company 5 digit code for Florida?

infinity 5 digit company code

What is the parent company of dell?

the parent company of dell is unknown

What is the parent company of converse?

The parent company is Allied Corporation.

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Vodafone is the parent company of Verizon.

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PepsiCo is the parent company of Pepsi.

What is the parent company of tilex?

The answer for what is tilex's parent company is Clorox

When a company has a parent company does the employee work for the parent company?

The employee works for the daughter company.

What is a parent company account?

Parent company account is the parent's company in consolidated financial statments where parent and child relationship exists in group accounting.

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Haier Group Company is parent company to Haier America

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General Mills is a parent company

What car company makes the infinity?


What company makes infinity auto?


What is an ultimate parent company?

An ultimate parent company considered as a parent company of a subsidiary entity, and the subsidiary entity has its subsidiary entity.

Is Nissan the same company as infinity?

Infinity is the luxury car division of Nissan, owned by the same company (Nissan), formerly known as Datsun.

Does goodyear tire have a parent company?

No, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is the parent company. Founded in 1898, Headquarters, Akron, Ohio. Goodyear is the parent company of:KellyDouglasDunlopCooperLeeFuldaFierceWingfootBluestreakDebicaRegettaLS2000Sava

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