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Q: Peter bought a pair of trousers for 29.99 a shirt for 24.98 and a sweater for 39.99 if theres a 6 percent percent sales tax on clothing what is the total cost?
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Cargo trousers are really easy to buy nowadays. They can be found in most clothing stores and also the clothing aisles of large supermarkets such as Walmart. They can also be bought online.

What is a sentence with allowance in it?

Using his allowence, Jeff bought new trousers, formal pants from a clothing store.

What is the indirct object for the following sentence For her birthday Jody bought Alice an angora sweater?

The indirect object is Alice.The direct object of the verb 'bought' is 'sweater' (bought sweater for Alice).

What was the original price of a cashmere sweater if Cassie bought it on sale for 300 and that price was 20 percent off the original price?


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Where did Olga Kay get her dinosaur sweater?

I believe she bought it at Hot Topic.

How do you use boutique in a sentence?

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what is Natalie saved $45 to spend on a new outfit. She bought a sweater for $15 how you would make the amount she spent into a fraction, decimal, and percent.?

45 divided by 15 is 3. Three 15s make 45 so she spend 1/3 (fraction), 0.33 (decimal), 33% (percent), of her money