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Q: Phenobarbitol gr ss PO ordered Have 15mg Tabs?
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What does 3 tabs PO daily mean?

3 tablets (tabs) by mouth (PO) daily

Morphine sulfate is ordered in a dose of 20mg po every four hours the bottle indicates the strength is 15mg per 5ml how much solution will you need to give to equal 20mg?

To administer 20mg of morphine sulfate using a solution with a strength of 15mg per 5ml, you would need to give 6.67ml of the solution. This is calculated by dividing the desired dose (20mg) by the concentration of the solution (15mg per 5ml) and then multiplying by 5ml.

What does 4tabs PO qd mean?

4 tabs by mouth every day

How long is Po po po po po po po po po po po po po po po popopoopopopopopopopo popopo po p op op op op op?


What do you do with completed court ordered community service form?

You must return it to the court or, if you are being supervised by a probation officer, to your PO, so that the court can determine that you HAVE carried out that portion of your sentence.

Diabinese is available in 0.25 g tablets. Ordered dose is Diabinese 0.5 g po qid How many tablets are needed for each dose tablets And how many grams will the patient receive per day g?

you need 2 tabs of 0.25g to =0.5.each dose qid is 4 times a day so the total is 2 g per day. Please check with the pharmacist. This medicine needs accuracy. one word gay

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po is a po

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its a purchase order sheet, it is used when ordering from a purveyor so you have a hard copy of what was ordered the night before. so whoever is checking in the order in the morning or when ever can verify that the order is correct.

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