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(6 plus 6) divided by (6 plus 6) times 6 equals 6

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Q: Place the parentheses to make the statement true 6 plus 6 divided by 6 plus 6 times 6 equals 6?
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What is a parenthetical statement?

A parenthetical statement is one that takes place inside a pair of parentheses. They are generally used as an aside to the actual sentence or paragraph.

You can place particular numbers within the parentheses of function notation?

The answer is TRUE

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The contents of a while loop will always execute if the statement between the while parentheses resolves to a boolean true. Hence, if you place "true" as the while statement, the loop will execute forever (until the loop is forcefully broken or the computer or process shuts down).

Could you place particular numbers within the parentheses?

Yes, example: (1)

How do you get 0.2 divided by 10 equals 0.02?

Any time you divide by ten, you move the decimal point one place to the left.

What is 7.08 divided by 10?


3.39 divided by 10 equals?


How many solutions are there to the equation below8x plus 11 equals 8x plus 8?

There is no solution. There is no number that can be put in place of 'x' that can make that statement true.

108 12-6 3 54 where to put the parentheses?

There is not a place to put the parentheses in the numbers. This is a number line that does not round up evenly.

How is the number of 0 in they quotient of 420 divided by seven equals 60 realted to the number of 0 in the dividend?

They are both in the units place value column

What multipled by 5 equals 1?

When you come to solve these type of problems, you do 1 divided 5, because here, the 1 is the big number, it is the total, so you divide it by 5 to see what was multiplied by 5 in the first place to result in that 1. So 1 divided 5 equals 0.2. So Your answer is 0.2

How many solutions are there in 8x plus 11 equals 8x plus 8?

That equation has no solutions.There's no number that can go in place of 'x' that canmake the equation a true statement.

What is the answer to-3y equals -54x plus 18?

The "answer" is a pair of numbers that, if you put one of them in place of 'x' and the other one in place of 'y', then the statement "-3y = -54x + 18" is true. There are an infinite number of different correct "answers".

Why is 16 divided by 3 equal to 5.3?

16/3 = 5 1/3, which equals 5.33333.....(repeating 3), when rounded to 1 decimal place is just 5.3

What happens when you place a semicolon after a statement?

When a statement is followed by a semicolon, this means that there is going to be another statement following the first statement which is related to it closely enough that it should not become a separate sentence.

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Because zero represents nothing. Anything divided by nothing equals nothing. besides which, the number zero isn't a real number - it's simply a place 'filler'

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7 in the thousandths place equals seven thousandths

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