Prove the existence of triangles

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1. Given any line, there are at least two points on the line. Call them A and B.

2. Given any line, there exists at least one point in the plane that is not on the line. Call that point C.

3. Given any two points (A and C and, then B and C) there exists a straight line joining them.

The point C is not on AB so AB and AC are distinct. Similarly, AB and BC are distinct so that there are three lines that meet, in pairs, at three vertices - and that is a triangle.

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Q: Prove the existence of triangles
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Why can't you use AAA to prove two triangles congruent?

You can't use AAA to prove two triangles congruent because triangles can have the same measures of all its angles but be bigger or smaller, AAA could probably be used to prove two triangles are similar not congruent.

How can you use SSS with CPCTC?

You can prove that to triangles are congruent with SSS, then use CPCTC to prove that two corresponding angles of those triangles are congruent.

How many triangles in a triangle made up of 16 small triangles?

27, but you will have to prove it.

What did the line spectrum prove the existence of?

the existence of released energy

How would you prove triangles are congruent?

You could prove two triangles are congruent by measuring each side of both triangles, and all three angles of each triangle. If the lengths of the sides are the same, and so are the angles, then the triangles are congruent... if not, then the triangles are not congruent. If the triangles have the exact same size and shape then they are congruent.

Prove that the diagonals of rectangle are equal?

prove any two adjacent triangles as congruent

How do you prove triangles similer with variables?

The answer depends on what the variables are.

How do you prove triangles are congruent?

you measure all the sides

How do you prove the existence of back EMF?

How do you proof of the existence of back emf ?

The LL theorem states that for right triangles two congruent what are sufficient to prove congruence of the triangles?


How do you prove lines are parallel in similar triangles?

They need no be. You cannot prove an assertion that need not be satisfied.

Which condition does not prove two triangles are congruent?

The colours of their sides.

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