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Q equals 100


Multiply by 5 on each side



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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Q divided by 5 equal 20?
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If 3 divided by p equals 6 and 3 divided by q equals 15 then p - q equals?

3/p = 6 p = 3/6 = 1/2 3/q = 15 q = 3/15 = 1/5 p - q = 1/2 - 1/5 p - q = 5/10-2/10 = 3/10

Find the requested value If p x equals 20x5 - 20x4 plus 24x2 and q x equals 4x2 find p over q x?

p x = 20 x5 - 20 x4 + 24 x2 q x = 4 x2 p = 20 x4 - 20 x3 + 24 x, if xis not equal to 0 p / qx = ( 20 x4 - 20 x3 + 24 x) / (4 x2) = (5 x4 - 5 x3 + 6 x) / x2 So p / qx = 5 x2 - 5 x + 6/x if x is not equal to 0

Is 6 divided by 0 a rational number?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

5 letter words with q in the middle?

Aquit, equal, pique

What type of number can be written as a fraction p divided by q where p and q are integers and q is not equal to zero?

Any rational number (by definition).

What is qยฒ-pยฒ divided by q-p?

q + p

What is the quotient and reminder for 113 divided by 5?


If 5q - 3.75 equals 26.25 then what is q equal to?

5q - 3.75 = 26.25 Therefore, 5q = 30 q = 30/5 q = 6

What is a number of q divided by f in algebraic expression?

xq/f q divided by f is the fraction q/f

What is 16 divided by q?

16/q or 16*q^-1

What is 2q divided by q?

2q ÷ q = 2

What is the sum of a number and 23 is twenty?

you have to write an algebraic expression. your number can be any thing you want... lets call it (q) the sum means you add the numbers. so... q + 23 the word (IS) in algebra means equal to so... q + 23 = 20 so what number added to 23 will equal to 20 the answer is negative 3 q=-3

What are the release dates for Hill Street Blues - 1981 G-Q- 5-20?

Hill Street Blues - 1981 G-Q- 5-20 was released on: USA: 28 March 1985

What are 5 letter words second letter Q?

equal squat squad equip

What does p over q mean?

p divided by q.

How to translate 16 divided by q to expression?


When a whole number A is divided by another number B the quotient Q is 15 and remainder R is 5. If the sum of ABQ and R is equal to 2169 find A?

The question has no solution.If Q = 15 then ABQ is a multiple of 15 and so a multiple of 5.Then, if R = 5 then ABQ + R must also be a multiple of 5.Therefore ABQ + R cannot by 2169, which is NOT a multiple of 5.

6q - 1 -q plus 20?

The answer to this math problem would equal to 20. This is taught in high school math.

What is q divided by -6 plus 11 equals -2 solve for q?

q = 78

What is the Price of a q of weed?

it can vary from $5 to $20. it depends on the potency and if you get it hooked up

Is q equal to 176?

It was not the last time I solved for q.

How do you find the average value of Q of t over the interval 10 less than or equal to x which is less than or equal to 20 and Q of t equals 4 times .96 t grams?

The bounds of integration are 10 and 20. The function that we are integrating is Q(t)=4(.96t)=3.84t. So the average value of Q(t) from 10 to 20 is equal to [1/(20-10)]*the integral from 10 to 20 of 3.84t dt. Simplifying, we get .384*the integral from 10 to 20 of t dt. Integrating, we get that the average value = .384(20^2 - 10^2)/2 = .196*(400 - 100) = .196 * 300 = 58.8. The average value in question is exactly 58.8 grams.

Why should the ratio P and Q be equal?

There is absolutely no reason why the ratios P and Q should be equal!

What is 6 divided by q minus 4?


What 2 mixed numbers multiplied equal 8?

There are infinitely many possible answers. For any coprime q, the pair 16/q and q/2 will do. So, for example, q = 3 gives 51/3 and 11/2, q = 5 gives 31/5 and 21/2, q = 11 gives 15/11 and 51/2.

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