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You have to determine how long the crack is and then cut out the bad section allowing for that which you can not see (hairline cracks). You will probably need the correct size pipe and connectors (couplings S x S) and PVC cement and PVC primer, a fine saw for cutting the pipe. Dry fit everything making sure the new section of pipe is of the correct length. There is a small situation in which you need the flexibility in the old Plumbing to be able to attach the new section. You just have to think it thru.


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Q: Repair crack in PVC pipe
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Can you attach a PVC pipe to a ceramic pipe i found a crack in my sewage drain and i was wondering if i could replace a section with PVC piping?

Yes, you can attach PVC pipe to ceramic pipe with a fernco. You just have to make sure the inside diameters of the fernco match up with the pipes you are joining.

How much is 1 foot of PVC pipe?

1 foot of PVC pipe is 12 inches of PVC pipe or 1 foot of PVC pipe.

PVC pipe fittings are mostly used to repair damage drainage lines that what professional would have to be called in to repair?

PVC pipe fittings are typically used in plumbing. Therefore, if a damaged drainage line needs to be repaired with a new PVC pipe fitting, typically a plumber would be the type of professional required to perform the work.

How do you repair a leak in underground PVC pipe around swimming pools?

Check out:

Is schedule 40 PVC pipe used for electrical wiring?

Not plumbing pvc pipe, but pvc pipe made especially for wiring.

How do you install a slip or repair coupling on a PVC sewer line?

If it is in the pipe away from fittings or couplings, cut the pipe and slide the repair coupling over one side and then the other. There should be enough side flex in the pipe to do this.

What is the difference between a 1 PVC pipe and a 1K PVC pipe?

I was in the PVC pipe manufacturing business for over 30 years and have never heard of a "1K PVC" pipe. If "1K" means a 1,000 psi pipe, this does not exist as a commercial product. Sorry.

What sort of saw do you use to cut PVC pipe?

A pipe cutter is the best tool to cut PVC pipe.

Sch 80 PVC pipe versus sch 40 PVC pipe?


Should teflon tape be used on PVC pipe?

Yes. The teflon tape will insure that there are no leaks. Be careful, though: too much tape may cause the pipe to crack.

Will PVC Glue to Galvanized pipe?

NO. - PVC and galvanised pipe can ONLY be joined by mechanical connectors.

How to locate PVC pipe underground?

With a PVC locator

What is a PVC instrument?

An instrument made of PVC pipe.

What do PVC pipe fittings do?

Join PVC pipes.

What does PVC mean?

If you are revering to PVC as in "PVC pipe" or "PVC clothing" then is stands for Polyvinyl Chloride.

How do you repair a cross threaded PVC pipe leak?

You cant, unless you replace the whole joint that has been cross threaded or if its on the pipe, you'll have to cut the pipe and thread it again using a threading tool.

What is PVC pipe typically used for?

PVC pipe is typically used for many projects. PVC pipe can be used for plumbing as well as water infiltration for gardens and for sprinkler systems for watering grass.

What is PVC glue?

its glue spicily for pvc pipe only

Can you glue PVC pipe to wood?

Yes, but not with PVC glue.

Can electrical pipe be used as water PVC pipe?


Can PVC pipe be used as vent pipe?


Pvc to brass?

You can join PVC pipes to brass only by mechanical connections, ie a brass fitting with threads on the brass pipe and a PVC fitting with compatible threads on the PVC pipe.

Is there an adhesive that will stop a leak in an underground PVC swim pool pipe?

You can dig to the pipe, clean it and roughen it, then use purple primer and Weld On 711 to repair it. . I would wait 12 hours for this to cure then do another coat of 711. - I have done this on PVC pipe that was carrying mains water at 85 psi.

If pressure is applied to the top of a pipe where would the pipe crack?

Granted that the force was enough to crack the pipe, it would crack in the middle.

Does abs glue damage PVC pipe?

No, ABS glue will not damage PVC pipe. -It will not stick it properly either.