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60,000 square yards

(Almost 12.4 acres.)

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Q: Retangular field 100 yards wide and 600 yards long how many square yards in the field?
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A rectangular athletic field is 100 yards wide and 500 yards long how many square yards are there in the field?

50,000 square yards

Field 150 yards long and 50 yards wide what is area is square feet?

7500 square yards = 67500 square feet

A field is 140 yards long and 70 yards wide What is the area in square feet?

The area in square feet is FAIL.

A field is 140 yards long and 90 yards wide. what's the area in square feet?

The area is 140 yards times 90 yards = 1260 square yards.A yard is three feet; a square yard is 9 square feetThe area of 1260 square yards is 1260 x 9 = 11340 square feet. if it is 140 yards long and 90 yards wide it will be 12600 sq yards and not 1260 sq yards and in sqauare feet it will be 113400.00000001134 square feet to know more visit assetventures and click on area convertorUmmmm. No ones a math maniac, like that person! English please!

The perimeter of a square field is 312 yards. how long is each side?

312/4 = 78 yards

How long is a professional football field in yards?

A Professional Field is 120 Yards long

How big is 2000 square meters?

from the back of the football endzone to the other is 120 yards. think about a field that is 140 yards one way and 140 yards the other way. if all sides of the field were about 140 yards long then that would be 2000 square meters.

How many square yards in a football field?

there is 6399.9999999999999999999999999996 yards in a football field. That's 120 yards long and 53 1/3 wide

What is the length in yards of a football field?

A regulation size football field is 120 yards long.

How long is a girls lacrosse field?

The exterior measurements of a lacrosse field is 60 yards wide by 110 yards long.

What is the rectangular field is 120 yards long and 40 yards wide How many square yards is its area?

(120 yards) x (40 yards) = 4,800 yards2 If the field were just one yard longer, OR one foot wider, then its area would be 1 full acre.

A field is 50 yards wide and 100 yards long. How many feet wide and long is it?

One acre is 43,560 square feet or 4840 square yards. The conversion would be 2.89 acres.