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7500 square yards = 67500 square feet

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Q: Field 150 yards long and 50 yards wide what is area is square feet?
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A field is 140 yards long and 70 yards wide What is the area in square feet?

The area in square feet is FAIL.

What in square yards and square feet is an area which is 125 feet by 210 feet?

The area is 26250 square feet or 2916.67 Square yards.

If a football field is 100 yard long and 50 yards wide. what is the area in square feet?

45,000 square feet.

If a square is 5 by 5 yards what is the area in feet?

25 square yards = 225 square feet.

How large is an area of 360 square feet in yards?

360 square feet is 40 square yards.

What is 1008.17 square feet in yards?

Square feet is a measure of area. Yards is a measure of length. It's not possible to convert area to length. However, if you mean: "What is 1008.17 square feet in square yards," then: 1008.17 square feet equals 112.19 square yards

A field is 140 yards long and 90 yards wide. what's the area in square feet?

The area is 140 yards times 90 yards = 1260 square yards.A yard is three feet; a square yard is 9 square feetThe area of 1260 square yards is 1260 x 9 = 11340 square feet. if it is 140 yards long and 90 yards wide it will be 12600 sq yards and not 1260 sq yards and in sqauare feet it will be 113400.00000001134 square feet to know more visit assetventures and click on area convertorUmmmm. No ones a math maniac, like that person! English please!

What is the area of ceiling 3 yards by 5 yards in square feet?

135 square feet.

How many feet in 484 square yards?

You cannot convert between feet and square yards. Feet are a measure of length and square yards are a measure of area.

650 square feet eqals how many yards?

Square feet is area, yards is length! Do you mean square yards? 650/9.

What is the area of a field in square yards measuring 360 ft by 160 ft?

360-ft x 160-ft = 57,600 square feet = 6400 square yards

How many square feet in a 6 yards x 4 yards area?

216 square feet.

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