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Rules in subtracting like and unlike signs?

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Q: Rules in subtracting like and unlike signs?
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Rules of subtracting like and unlike sign?


Rules in subtracting like and unlike sign?

to subtrct integers ,rewrite as adding opposites and use the rules for addtion of integers..

What is the rules for subtracting integers with like signs?

They become positive integers for instance - - 2 = 2

What are like signs and unlike signs?

Like signs: + and + , - and - Unlike signs: + and - , - and +

What are the sign rules of division and multiplication?

numbers with Like signs : result Plusnumbers with Unlike signs : result Minus

What is the definition of adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators?

What is the definition of Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions

What is the rule for multiplying and dividing integers with unlike and like signs?

Like signs give a positive answer. Unlike signs give a negative answer.

What are the rules in adding integers with like and unlike signs?

To add integers with like signs you jut put the positive in front of the answer (you just add and put a positive sign in front of it)

Negative divided by a positive equals?

A negative number divided by a postive number equals negative number . Remember the rules of division of integers : Unlike signs = Negative Like signs = Positive .

What are like and unlike signs?

When comparing two numbers-- Like signs means that both numbers are negative or both numbers are positive. Unlike signs means that one number is positive and one number is negative.

What is the rules in solving integers?

adding1. like sign, add their absalute value & copy the common sign.2. unlike signs. subtruct their absalute value & copy the sing of the bigger number.subtructing1. change the sign of the subrahend (if + change to - & if - change to +)2. then go back to the rules in addition.multiplying & dividing1. likes signs, simply perform the operation then the answer's sign would be (+) positive2. unlike signs, simply perform the operation then the answer's sign would be (-) negative

How are the mnemonic devices LA US and LP UN used in operating signed numbers?

These mnemonic devices were developed by SHERWIN E. BALBUENA, mathematics teacher of Cabitan NHS, Mandaon, Masbate, Philippines", to teach his students with disabilities the rules in operating signed numbers. LA US means "Like signs Add, Unlike signs Subtract". This device lets the student remember the rule in adding signed numbers. LP UN means "Like signs Positive, Unlike signs Negative". This device lets the student recall the rules in finding the product and quotient of two signed numbers.

Can the same rules be used to determine the sign of an integer sum and an integer product?

No.For the sum of integers:-- two positives make a positive-- two negatives make a negative-- the sum of mixed signs is the sign of the one with the greater absolute valueFor the product of integers:-- like signs make a positive-- unlike signs make a negative

When subtracting like fractions what happens to the numerator and the denominator?

The fractions are re-scaled so that the denominators are the same and then the numerators are subtracted as required by the signs.

Why do you have to turn unlike fractions into like fractions to add or subtract?

because its just one of the rules of math :)

Does a negative value multiplied by a negative value eguals a negative?

No, like signs multiply to positive, unlike to negative.

The rules of electricity state that?

unlike charges attract each other and like charges repel each other. :)

How do obtain the product of monomial ang binomial?

Multiply each term of the binomial by the monomial. Be particularly careful with signs: (+ times +) or (- times -) equals plus or Like signs = + (+ times -) or (- times +) equals minus or Unlike signs = -

What are the operation of polynomials?

Adding and subtracting polynomials is simply the adding and subtracting of their like terms.

What are the rules in adding integers with like signs?

With both positive it's positive, with both negative it's negative.

How is subtracting decimals is like subtracting fractions?

because you subtract the 2 numerators and then 2 denominators right across just like that :)

Is a negative subtract a negative a positive?

Yes. A negative subtracted by a negative is a positive. Just remember that two like signs become a positive sign, and two unlike signs become a negative sign.

How do you get the answer -26 plus 5?

its like subtracting. so 26-5=21, -26+5=-21 it seems like your subtracting

What will be the difference when subtracting two integers with different signs?

Subtracting: Positive - Negative = Positive Negative - Positive = Negative No that is not the way it goes. It is positive+negetive=either counting on which integer is bigger negative+negative=positive positive+positive=positive positive x negetive=negative negative x postitve= negative negative/positive=negative positive/negative=negetive thanks The top is right though because subtracting a negative is like adding so you could never get a negative and subtracting from a positive from negative will always be a negative. The question was for integers with different signs so you don't need to do "positive + positive"

What is the quotient of two real numbers with the same sign is?

++ = + +- = - Like signs always give me plus. Unlike signs always give me minus when I multiply! My maths teacher made us learn that! :D