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Average speed is about 6 mph.

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Q: Run 1 mile in ten minutes average speed in MPH?
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Related questions

What is the speed per mile for 3 miles at 13.57 minutes?

The average speed is 13.26 mph

How fast can the average male run a mile?

If the average male could run a mile in 6 minutes, that would put the speed at 10 MPH. 5 minutes, 12 MPH 4 minutes, 14 MPH and so on

You run a quarter mile in 3 minutes What is your average speed in miles per hour?

(.25 miles / 3 minutes) * (60 minutes / 1 hr) = (.25 * 60)/3 = 5 mph If you run a quarter mile in 3 minutes, your average speed is 5 mph.

How fast a mile if you run 4.5 mph?

If your average speed for the whole mile is 4.5 mph, your finishing time will be around 13 minutes 20 seconds.

How fast do you have to run a mile in 4 minutes?

You need to run at an average speed of 15 mph.

How fast have you walked if you walk a mile in 16 minutes?

Your average speed would be 3.75 mph

What is the average speed to run a mile in 12 minutes?

5 mph (miles per hour)

If you ran 2.4 miles in 22 minutes and 23 seconds what was your average per mile?

The average speed was 6.433 mph.

If you ran a mile in four minutes what would your average speen in mph be?

There are 60 minutes per hour so speed is 1 mile divided by four minutes or 1/4 mile per minute. The multiply by 60 minutes per hour Speed = 1/4 x 60 = 15 mph

If a person runs one mile in 2.18 minutes how fast are they running?

An average speed of 27.52 mph.

What is your speed in mph if you run a mile in 15 minutes?

4 mph !

If you drive one mile at 30 mph how fast do you have to drive the second mile if you have to average 60 mph for the two miles?

Yes, you can. If the average speed for the first mile is 30 mph, and the average speed for the second mile is 90 mph, then 30+90=120/2=60. You need to solve the equation for average speed, not time. You can't. 1 mile @ 30mph = 2 minutes 60 mph for 2 miles = 2 mintes thererfore you cannot go fast enough (or you could go infinity mph)

How long to complete 30 mile race if average speed is 20 mph?

1 hour 30 minutes.

If you drive 12 mile in 25 minutes how many miles per hour is this?

This is an average speed of 28.8 mph

How fast to do a mile in 3 minutes?

8.9408 meters/sec or an average speed of 20 mph

How many miles an hour do you average to run a four minute mile?

Running a mile in exactly 4 minutes equates to a speed of 15 MPH.

How fast is a 4 mile per hour walk?

If your average speed for the whole one-mile distance is 4 mph, your time will be 15 minutes.

How fast are you traveling if you go 1 mile in 5 minutes 30 seconds?

An average speed of approx 10.9 mph.

Shayla was late for school She ran the last half mile in 4 minutes What was her average speed in miles per hour?

7.5 mph

How do you calculate speed in mph?

mph means miles per hour just record how long it takes to go one mile. If you walk for a mile and it takes 30 minutes then your speed for that mile was 2 mph. If you walk for a mile and it takes 15 minutes then your speed for that mile was 4 mph. ... lets do a crazy one... If you walk for a mile and it takes 23 minutes and 30 seconds then your speed for that mile was 2.55 mph. The math is simple. If your time is in minutes just take 60 minutes and divide into that the total amount of minutes you took to walk a mile. So the calculations for the three examples would be... 60 / 30 = 2 mph 60 / 15 = 4 mph 60 / 23.5 = 2.55 mph (23 minutes and 30 seconds is the same as 23 and a half minutes)

Shane's mother is training for a marathon On Saturdays she does a 10 mile run in 90 minutes What is her average speed in miles per hour?

Shane's mother's average speed is 6.7 mph.

If you run 1 mile in 14 minutes what is mph?

An average of 4.29 mph.

If one has already driven one mile at 30 MPH how fast must one drive the second mile so that the average speed for the trip equals 60 MPH?

I don't think you can do it. To travel 2 miles at 60 MPH would take two minutes. You have already traveled for two minutes while driving 1 mile at 30 MPH.

If one drives for one mile at 50 mph and the next mile at 40 mph what is his average speed?


How many minutes to drive 1.6 miles?

At an average 30 mph: 3 minutes, 12 seconds