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it would be $2. 93, because 45*3 equals $1.35, and 79*2 equals $1.58.. so therfore you add $1.35 to $1.58 and your answer is $2.93..

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Q: Sam buys three candy bars for 45 cents each and two packs of gum for 79 cents each What is the total cost of this purchase?
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Would a candy three candy bars for ninety-nine cents be better than four candy bars for one dollar and twenty-five cents and why?

The 4 candy bars for 1.25 would be better because .99 divided by 3 is .33 cents per bar while 1.25 divided by 4 is only .31 cents per bar

How much did a can of pop cost in 1948?

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What can you buy with three cents

If Jimmy had 10 dollars and he went to the candy store and bought 45 candies at 6 cents each and 20 at 2 cents each Would he have enough to buy a 3 dollars lollipop?

yes he would, he would have three dollars and 90 cents left.

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36 candy canes equal three dozen.

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Candy corn has three layers. It has a white, orange, and black layer. Many candy bars also have three layers, such as Kit Kat bars.

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Colas may be purchased in two or three bottles?

Soda companies run specials where you can save money if you purchased two or three bottles of soda. Colas can be purchased in singles, in 4 packs, 6 packs, and 12 packs.

If a banana is 18 cents a peach is 13 cents and a plum is 8 cents how much is a mango?


How do you write 8.3 cents in words?

Eight and three tenths cents.

How many dollars in 313 cents?

Three dollars and thirteen cents

Which is a better deal three cans for a dollar or 30 cents per can?

The 30 cents per can is a better deal. You will only pay 90 cents for your three cans.

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If you have 5 candy bars in a bowl you take out three how many do you have left?

two candy + candy + candy + candy + candy = 5 taken + taken + taken + candy + candy = 3 taken + 2 candy

What is three fifths of 50cents?

(3/5) of 50 cents = 30 cents.

What is the money amount of three hundredths of a dollar?

Three cents