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Q: Samantha answered 18 of 20 problems correctly on a test What fractional part did she answer correctl Reduce your answer to lowest terms?
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Which is correctl plural of Evans the Evans or Evanses?


What is the difference between articulation phonation and speech?

articulation is a production of sound and fof example child saying in correctl;y words and you r not understand

Are lions friendly with humans?

Yes lots of them are when are a wildlife biologist Who are trained to study the up close with the and other animals without frightening them and treat them correctl.

When is the sims going to be out officially?

The Sims 3 was supposed to come out Febuary 20th of 2009. However, the date has apparantly been changed to June 5th. This has something to do with EA wanting to be part of the new era of technology, which is said to start in April. (Don't ask me why--i have NO idea what that is). Also, it's supposed to give a larger campaign for the Sims 3. What I personally do not understand is that the SIms 3 website is acting like it's already out. There has been so much controversy about this subject, so I hope this answer is correctl

1997 Grand Cherokee Why is the 'rear lamp failure' message on display still on after replacing faulty license plate bulbs?

The problem is most likely the lamp or lamps in the third brake light in the liftgate. This was the case in my 1994 Grand Cherokee limited. You have to use the exact bulbs that are called for. the information center will not "see" bulbs that are the wrong wattage ......... Note, i don't believe the license plate bulbs are tied into the VIC sensor light. Its most likely from a faulty connection with the design of the high mount stop light. It will intermitantly loose its connection regardless if the bulbs are all working correctl, as i have seen in my 96 grand Cherokee Laredo. I havent tried to repair this because im not sure if the problem is with the rear lamp housing or somewhere else in the wiring system... possibly the VIC connector or conrtoll bord.

Where can you find the plug to add oil for the transmission in a 1992 Ford Laser?

Most early model pre 1996 you have to remove the speedo drive cable by undoing the 10 mm screw metal cable retainer. When you have undone the 10 mil screw leave the Speedo cable attached and pull it up. The nylon speedo gear will easily pull out, and you can fill the oil in the hole. It takes 2.7/ 3.5 litres of oil depending on the type of motor. Check the correct level by pushing speedo gear into place, and remove it. The gear should have oil about half way up the gear if correctl level is attained... The best way to add it is to get a funnel, attach a 1 meter clear plastic hose, fill it from the top using the container to work out how much was filled start at around 2.7 liters, if it ain't enough top it up to 3.5 litres.

Is answered an adverb?

No, answered is the past tense form of the verb answer. It can also be an adjective.Can you answer the question?He answered the question correctly.This is one of many correctly answered questions.

There are 50 question and you get 90 percent right how many questions were answered correctly?

45 were correctly answered

If 80 percent of the questions were answered correctly and 5 questions were missed how many questions were answered correctly?


What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got 7 out of 24 questions wrong?

71% of the questions were answered correctly

What do you mean by statistical observation?

you explain how to solve this question? If there is an equation that I can use will be appreciated. 70% of students answered question A correctly, 55% of students answered question B correctly, 20% of students answered neither question correctly. What is the percentage of students answered both question A and B correctly?

How do you use the word correctly in a sentence?

"He answered the difficult question correctly."

Carlene did 6 of her 10 homework examples correctly what fractional part of her homework examples did she complete correctly?


What is a fractional part of pflugel?

i have know idea but i was board so i answered this question

If ricky answered 27 out of 30 problems correct on his math test Which expression could be used to find the percent of problems that Ricky answered correctly?

Your answer is: % of problems that ricky answered correctly=(Number of problems he answered correctly)/(Total number of problems)*100% ie., (27/30)*100=90%

Who correctly answered to yaksha's questions?


Who answered to Yaksha's question correctly?


How many questions can you get wrong on a test that has 45 question and get 60 percent?

If you answered 27 correctly and 18 incorrectly, you would have answered 60% correctly.

Has ever answered anything?

yes in fact most of them of them are answered correctly and in detail

What is a sentence for correctly?

Correctly answer the questions on the test. How do you know you correctly answered the questions on the test?

Which of these sentences is correctly punctuated?

Helen answered, "My favorite short story is Saki's 'The Necklace.'"

What percent of questions were answered correlty if you got 12 wrong and there are forty questions?

70% were correctly answered.

What is the adverb of correct?

The adverb form of the word "correct" is correctly.An example sentence for you is: "She answered all the questions correctly".

Sue correctly answered 42 of the 50 questionsWhat percent of the questions did she answer correctly?


Forty out of fifty questions on a test are answered correctly. What fraction of questions were answered correct?