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Q: Sequence of stages in which the individual moves from dependent to independent to interdependent statues and roles?
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The sequence of subunits in a protein is most directly dependent on the?

DNA in the chromosomes in a cell

What individual of an organism is determined by the?

DNA base sequence

What is a change in the DNA sequence of an individual referred to?

A mutation

What is sequential control system?

A control system in which the individual steps are processed in a predetermined order, progression from one sequence step to the next being dependent on defined conditions being satisfied. Such a system may be time-dependent, in which the step transition conditions are functions of time only; on external-event dependent, where the conditions are functions of Input signals only; or combinations of these (and perhaps more complex) conditions

What information can not be obtained from an individual's karyotype?

The sequence of bases of a particular gene.

How much more probable is getting the sequence hthtththhthhhthhtth than getting the sequence hhhhhhhhhhttttttttt?

Both sequences are equally probable, as subsequent flips are independent of previous ones.

How is Biotechnology Used in forensics?

from the sample we can know the DNA sequence,which is unique for that individual

How do you turn on a wall furnace?

The turn on sequence is dependent on the Make, Model and Fueltype. Supplying these details will illicit an appropriate answer

What kind of music does the band Helio Sequence play?

The style of music that is played by the band, Helio Sequence, is a form of independent alternative rock and roll with a considerable amount of electric base.

Does the title Main Sequence refer to the arrangement of star clusters or to that of individual stars depending on mass spectral type and luminosity?

The analysis is done for individual stars.

What does the DNA sequence have to do with the traits of an individual?

Segments of an individual's DNA, called genes, code for functional products (proteins). These, in addition to the environment, determine the traits of an organism.

The code of mrna directly dependent on the?

sequence of nitrogen based pairs in associated DNA