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Yes, that's what a geometric sequence is about.

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What is the next term of the geometric sequence? 24, 12, 6, ___. *

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Q: Is geometric sequence a sequence in which each successive terms of the sequence are in equal ratio?
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Descending geometric sequence?

A descending geometric sequence is a sequence in which the ratio between successive terms is a positive constant which is less than 1.

How can you tell if a number sequence is geometric?

The ratio between successive numbers must be a constant.

What is a successive ratio?

In a sequence, the ratio of the third term to the second term is the one successive from the ratio of the second to the first. The successive ratios are : u2/u1, u3/u2, u4/u3 and so on. In a geometric sequence, these would all be the same.

In a geometric sequence the between consecutive terms is constant.?


Is -1 -36 216 a geometric sequence and what is its ratio?

No it is not.

What is the common ratio in this geometric sequence 7?

A single number does not constitute a sequence.

What is the common ratio in this geometric sequence 3 12 48?

The ratio is 4.

If a geometric sequence has a common ratio of 4 and if each term of the sequence is multiplied by 3what is the common ratio of the resulting sequence?

the answer is 4

What is a geometric rule for pattern?

Not sure about this question. But, a geometric sequence is a sequence of numbers such that the ratio of any two consecutive numbers is a constant, known as the "common ratio". A geometric sequence consists of a set of numbers of the form a, ar, ar2, ar3, ... arn, ... where r is the common ratio.

What is a geometrical sequnce?

It is a sequence of numbers such that the ratio of successive terms is a constant.

In what sequence are all of the terms the same?

A static sequence: for example a geometric sequence with common ratio = 1.

What is the change from one number to the next in a geometric sequence called?

The common ratio.

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