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tell him cause it is the right thing to do

just own up

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infinite lists

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โˆ™ 2021-02-10 19:25:15
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Q: Should I tell my teacher I don't understand this math Help me?
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How can you pass grade 9 academic math when you dont understand it?

U go get help from ur teacher

When we need help with levels of government we dont understand them who do we ask?

We should ask history. We should look to what we wish to see in our government. Then understand in todays government.. $$ talks. Then get lots of $$.

What countries in East and Central Africa include islands?

i dont know. you should ask a teacher for some help

How the Periodic Table will help you if you understand?

It wont help you really if you already understand it but if you dont understand something then yes the periodic table will help you very much.

How can you be smart then your 4 grade class?

when you are in fourth grade the way to be smart is to do all of your homework and turn in all of your work oh and dont be afraid to ask the teacher for help when ever you dont understand anything

What do you do if you cant find the answer 2 your homework but you have to do it cause your teacher will kill you if you dont?

Ask a friend or your parents to help you or say "I'm sorry, but I really don't understand this problem,"

Is a math teacher no good if they only present new ideas but they dont teach the material The teacher asks students to come in in the morning if they dont understand but she does the same thing there?

there aren't many truly new ideas in math, it's just that teachers know them so well they sometimes forget how to present them to students who don't know about them. a teacher can be of help when questions are clear and students are specific. tell what part of the problem you don't understand; don't say "I don't get it" and expect help. try to help the teacher help you. it takes two. do go in in the morning, when others are not around, and explain that you need it broken down into small parts to make understanding easier.

Should parents go to jail for not going to school meetings?

No because parents dont always have time and teachers should understand because they job is to teach and they sometimes dont have time for either there jobs so they have a teacher take over or they dont have time for there other part of life

How do you map directions from one city to another?

i dont know why dont you just ask your sosial studies teacher they should know the answer but if they don tthen i cant help you with that sorry!

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i dont now

How do you use stronghold in a sentence?

Actually i really dont know because i dont understand can you help me?

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Cause they dont want kids.

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i need help i dont understand where it comes from

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Well expect to have a great lifestyle when you are a teacher. However I dont understand what lifestyle has to do with you being a teacher? A teacher s lifestyle ought to be exemplary -not necessarily perfect. Actually he/she should not just be affable and accessible but also cultivate a generous spirit-in time and in material things. His/her role is not limited to imparting knowledge but morals and communally productive relations. Almost always a teacher 's character should be beyond reproach.The genes of this kind of teacher should be banked for posterity.

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I dont understand.............

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If they dont have depression they cant really understand it. No one can. Just like being bi polar which i am. My friends dont really understand it but their supportive.

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i dont know

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i dont really understand this but it would be great if you could help me

Geometry words that start with j?

I dont understand, i need help

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i dont want to help you. You should know the answer!!!!!!!!!!! i dont want to help you. You should know the answer!!!!!!!!!!!

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you should ask your science teacher if yo dont know that

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I really dont understand this question. I really dont understand this question. I really dont understand this question.

How much should you expect to get when being a math teacher?

You should expect thousands of people hating you, because you're a math teacher, but unless you dont give out that much homework...

What is cempazuhiti?

I dont think this is a spanish word so maybe you should ask your teacher.

How should you talk back to your teacher but not get in trouble?

Ask her abunch of questions and dont stop.