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If you are adding, you would use the plus sign:

235 + 987

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Q: Should the multiplication sign be used when adding 235 and 987?
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What operators perform mathematical calculations such as adding and subtracting in Excel?

The plus sign does adding and the minus sign does subtraction in Excel: =A10+B2 =A2-50 The * is used for multiplication. The / is used for division: =A2*A3 =A6/40

Which operation should be used to check the answer to a division problem?


List three arithmetic operators that might be used in a formula?

A plus sign, a minus sign and a star, which is used for multiplication.

What are three signs in Excel?

There are many signs used in Excel. Three of them are the plus sign (+), the minus sign (-) and the multiplication sign (*).

In Excel what is the operator used for multiplication called?

In Excel, you use the asterisk, "*". As to the name, I would just call it the "multiplication sign".

What does aremus mean in the sign of the beaver?

As used in the fictional novel The Sign of the Beaver (1983), it means dog.

What operation should be used if a problem asks you to find the product?


When you are using scientific notation why do you use a x instead of a regular multiplication sign?

Purely a matter of convenience. 'x' is an acceptable character that means "multiplied by", and it appears on the keyboard, whereas the regular multiplication sign doesn't. Well . . . to be perfectly honest, we don't even know what a "regular multiplication sign" is. ======================================== Another contributor agreed: I was just going to ask that, what is a regular multiplication sign? For 50 years I have been using x I think he means when he says regular multiplication sign he means the dot that is used for algebra because x is a variable. P.S. I just learned about scientific notation and asked my teacher the same question. She didn't know.

Who invented the subtraction plus and equal and multiplication and division signs?

Robert Recorde, who designed the equals sign, introduced plus and minus in 1557. Brahmagupta was an Indian mathematician who invented the multiplication sign around the 19th century. Johann Rahn first used the division sign in his book Teutshe algebra in 1659.

How is multiplication used?

Multiplication is used to figure out large sums of numbers.

What does the x stand for in a math eqation?

It depends how its used, it could be used as the multiplication sign or it could be used simply as a variable and u need to solve what it is equal to. It has many meanings.

How to write repeated multiplication of a factor by using an exponent?

To write repeated multiplication in an exponential notation, you should write the number that has to be multiplied as the base. Count the number of times that the number is used.

Why can multiplication be used for solving division?

so when you find your answer you can check it by using multiplication.

How can the community of property be used to write a multiplication sentence?

it can be used to write a multiplication sentence by flipping the numbers around

Should students be proficient in addition before learning multiplication?

Yes. Addition naturally comes first. And it is used in double digit multiplication too. However, for memorizing times tables, being proficient in addition doesn't matter. Memorization may be easier at younger ages than adding, requiring higher brain functions perhaps. Laurie C. (Springdale, AR Elementary Teacher)

Where do you use multiplication?

in school, i used multiplication in my planner,a print out or a calculator to help me know it

What property of multiplication do you use with money?

All the properties of multiplication may be used with money.

What property of multiplication is used to find equivalent fractions?

Identity property of Multiplication c:

How do you type a multiplication sign on your computer?

Use the lower case "x". Example: axb=abSome mathematicians would also accept a period (.). Example: a.b=ab In some computer program an asterix (*) is used to shoe multiplication. Example: a*b=ab

What effect does a congugate have on other complex numbers?

A number multiplied by its complex conjugate will result in a real number. Also, adding a number to its conjugate will result in a real number. But typically the multiplication is what is used.

What symbol would you use to add two numbers together?

The plus sign, +, is used to add two numbers together. It is one of the four basic arithmetic operations along with:Subtract, -Multiplication, x or *Division, / or ÷

Is place value a multiplication word?

Nope! place value is a numeric word! Place value can be used in multiplication but it's not a multiplication word!

What symbols can be used for multiplication?

an X or *

What is a number used in multiplication?


Where is a divison sign on a keyboard?

On a keyboard, the division sign often used in schools ( ÷ ) is not typically present, instead the solidus or 'forward slash' ( / ) should be used.