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Q: Should there be more than one working directory?
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How do you check the health of Active Directory?

we will check the dns nllookup .is it properly working if it is working then good if not than some problem

Can a single copy files from more than one directory?


Get all bent out of shape?

Yes, I do. More often than I should. But I've been working on it.

Can a hard drive have only one root directory?

Certainly. Many (most?) modern hard drives have only one root directory. Only those drives with two or more partitions will have more than one root directory.

What products does the Applegate Directory provide?

Applegate Directory provides business to business solutions. They are mainly for networking in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The directory provides information on more than 250,000 clients and customers.

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How many files or entries can be included in the root directory?

The number of files or entries that can be included in a root directory will vary. However, they typically do not hold more than 512 entries.

When you compile a package yourself rather than from an rpm file which directory hierarchy should you put it in?

If you compiled it yourself, you should usually place it in /usr/local

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