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There are 5 numbers in the ordered list: 5 6 8 25 31

So the middle position is [(1+5)/2] = 3 and the middle number is 8.

27 is greater than 8 so continue with the second half of the list.

There are 2 number in the reduced ordered list: 25 31

So the middle position is number is [(1+2)/2] = [1.5] = 2 and the middle number is 31.

27 is smaller than 31 so continue with the first half of the reduced list.

There is only 1 number left in the reduced ordered list: 25. Since it is not 27, the number being sought is not in the list.

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Q: Show How the binary search algorithm search for 27 in list 5 6 8 25 31?
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What assumption about the list is made when binary search is conducted?

Binary search requires that the list be in search key order.

Which type of search algorithm checks every element on the list in sequence until a matching data is found?

It's called "Linear Search". If the list is sorted, then it is possible to perform more advanced searches like binary search. If the list isn't sorted, then you can either sort the list first and then binary search or simply use a linear search. Linear search is typically a brute force solution when the data isn't "planned" or if the data is stored in a linked list where random access of the values in the list is slow.

Complexity of an algorithm in data structure?

* search array => O(1) linked list=> O(n) binary tree=> O(log n) hash=>O(1) * search array => O(1) linked list=> O(n) binary tree=> O(log n) hash=>O(1)

What is the worst case and best case for binary search?

The best case for a binary search is finding the target item on the first look into the data structure, so O(1). The worst case for a binary search is searching for an item which is not in the data. In this case, each time the algorithm did not find the target, it would eliminate half the list to search through, so O(log n).

What are the drawbacks of the binary search?

The only drawback I know of is that binary search requires that the list already be sorted. So if you have a really large unsorted list than binary search would not be the best option.

Can you use binary search on linked list elements?


It is pre requisite for binary search that the list should be in sorted order but if you have a unsorted list then which searching technique would be better binary search or linear search?

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When is it not recommended to perform the operation of binary search?

In computer science, a binary search or half-interval search algorithm finds the position of a specified value (the input "key") in an array sorted[1][2] into order on the values of the key. At each stage, the algorithm compares the sought key value with the key value of the middle element of the array. If the keys match, then a matching element has been found so its index is returned. Otherwise, if the sought key is less than the middle element's key, then the algorithm repeats its action on the subarray to the left of the middle element or, if the input key is greater, on the subarray to the right. If the array span to be searched is reduced to zero, then the key cannot be found in the array and a special "Not found" indication is returned.A binary search halves the number of items to check with each iteration, so locating the an item (or determining its absence) takes logarithmic time. A binary search is a dichotomic divide and conquer search algorithm.Next AnswerA binary search method requires that the list of items being search should be sorted in ascending (or descending) order. If the search list is not sorted, the binary search method will not work and other search methods will be needed.

Is sorting a binary search tree simple?

A binary search tree is already ordered. An in order traversal will give you a sorted list of nodes.

Which search algorithm is best?

The question is a bit too vague for a meaningful answer, it depends on what you are searching and what you are looking for.For search in an unsorted list, there is no better alternative than the naive algorithm of looking at every single element.For search in a sorted list (like a phone book sorted on name) binary search is much more efficient.For string search, like used in biology to find DNA matches, there are dedicated algorithms that deal exclusively with string matching.For graph search, A* ("A star") is among the better.For more general search problems there are a whole host of search methods that work better than others in particular domains. But so far, there is no ultimate winner that is best for everything. The best ones are generally custom made for one particular problem, like the best known algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problem.See also related link.

What is mean by binary search?

Incomputer science, a binary search algorithm (or binary chop) is a technique for locating a particular value in a sorted list. The method makes progressively better guesses, and closes in on the location of the sought value by selecting the middle element in the span (which, because the list is in sorted order, is the median value), comparing its value to the target value, and determining if it is greater than, less than, or equal to the target value. A guessed index whose value turns out to be too high becomes the new upper bound of the span, and if its value is too low that index becomes the new lower bound. Only the sign of the difference is inspected: there is no attempt at an interpolation search based on the size of the difference. Pursuing this strategy iteratively, the method reduces the search span by a factor of two each time, and soon finds the target value or else determines that it is not in the list at all. A binary search is an example of adichotomic divide and conquer search algorithm.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of binary search algorithms?

the major limitation of binary search is that there is a need of sorted array to perform binary search operation. if array is not sorted the output is either not correct or may be after a long number of steps and according to data structure the output should come in minimum number of steps.