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  • 25 25 25 2525 25

  • 25
  • twenty-five
  • XXV
  • VXXX
Crap answers from me as well (I won't mind if you don't see these):
  • 52
  • square root 625
  • 2S
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Q: Show how many different ways can you write the number 25?
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As many as you want. An unlimited number of ways.

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you can write that answer a thousand million ways!

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How many languages can you write......? The answer: a lot (depending on the above question)

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There are three ways you can write the number 10. You can use X, as in Roman numerals, ten, or 10.

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There are many different ways one might write the numbers '608.' If one desires to write the numbers '608' in Roman numerals, one would write 'DCVIII.'

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An infinite amount of ways. You could write it in every language in the world for starters. Numerically it can also be written in an infinite amount of sums and multiplications. e.g. you could write it as 0.1+13.9, then half the 0.1 and write 0.05+13.95, then half that and have 0.025+13.975 etc. So yeah, lots and lots of different ways you can write 14, in fact too many different ways to be able to count them all.

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Divide the percentage number by 100. It is not possible to show the working because there are infinitely many fractions and they require slightly different working.

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I suspect that something very important is missing from your question. It would go between the words "write" and "as", and it would be a number. The answer to the question would be a positive whole number greater than ' 1 '.

How many time the word STUDY can be write in different ways?

500 different ways

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The number 34.5 can be written as a fraction in many different ways. One of them is 34 1/2. This is a combination of whole number and fraction. You could also write it as 69/2.

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at least 17

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many different people

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