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Q: Simplify 2 minus square root of 5 times 4 plus square root of 5?
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Simplify 6 times 42 plus 6 minus 6 plus 10?


How do you simplify 5 plus 17 times 3 minus 12?


What is the answer to 2 plus 3 minus 2 times 1 square plus 4 times 16 square minus 4 times 2?

Two plus 3 minus 2 times 1 squared plus 4 times 16 squared minus 4 times 2 is equal to 1,019.

How do you simplify square root of x plus 10 plus square root of 10 divided by x algebraically?

simplify the square foor of 49 times x to the third time y to the sixth times the absolute value of z squared

Simplify this expression 13 plus minus 12 minus minus 5 equals?


What is Negtive times a plus equal?

+ times a + = a plus- times a + = a minus- times a - = a plus+ times a - = a minus

Simplify 9a plus 8 minus 2a minus 3 minus 5a?


How do you simplify this expression 3 a plus b minus 3 a minus b?


Simplify 1over3x plus 2 plus 1overx-5?

6xsquared minus 26x minus 5 over 3xsquared minus 15x

How do you simplify 34 minus 7 times 6 plus 8?

It could be: 34-(7*6)+8 = 0

What does the plus over the minus sign mean?

plus or minus. You see it often with square roots. The square root of 9 is plus or minus 3.

What is a plus times a minus?

Positive (Plus) times Negative (Minus) always equals a negative (minus).

How do you simplify 7a plus 3b minus 4a minus 5b in trig?

3a - 2b

When you square a minus number does it stay a minus?

No, it becomes a plus, since minus x minus = plus

Can you explain why subtracting an integer is adding its opposite?

plus times plus = plus minus times plus = minus plus times minus = minus minus times minus = plus so when you subtract a number it is the same as adding its negative; for example 7 - 4 = 3 7 + (1)(-4) = 3

What is a plus times a plus?

A plus times a plus is still a plus. Below is the way I remembered it: If there is not a minus sign, it is plus (positive). If there is 1 minus sign, it is minus (negative). If there are 2 minus signs, it is plus (positive).

What is formula for a minus b and a plus b?

a square minus b square

Simplify fully 4a plus 5b minus 2a plus b?


How do you simplify 6 x squared minus 2x plus 5 plus 2 x squared minus 7x - 11?


Does a minus times a minus equal a plus?

Yes it does. A minus is the opposite of something, so the minus of a minus is a plus.

What is 78 minus 51 plus 46 minus 12 times 34 plus 91 minus 83 plus 10 plus 93 divided by 3 minus 31 plus 56 times 28 minus 49 plus 34 plus 97 times 68-64 plus 33 minus 49 plus 91 times 3 plus 35?

8060 Source: calculator

How do you factor 16t2 plus 575?

This one's ugly.(5 times the square root of 23 minus 4it)(5 times the square root of 23 plus 4it)where i is the square root of negative one.

What is the square root 2 plus 3 square root 5 Times Square root 2 minus square root 7?


What is 2 cubed plus the square root of 25 times 3 minus 4 divided by the square root of 4?


Is the square of negative 54 rational'?

No, nor is it a real number. The square root of minus 54 is equal to the square root of plus 45, times i.