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You can't simplify it any further than

3x+2y+6z=24, unless you have been given values of x,y and z or other equations to find x,y and z.

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Q: Simplify 3X plus 2Y plus 6Z equals 24?
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What is the slope of 4x plus 2y equals 24?

4x+2y=24 => 2y=24-4x => y=12-2x and the slope is -2

Simplify 2x plus 4x - 2y?


2x plus 6y equals 24 and 5x - 2y equals 9?

(3, 3)

4y-7 plus 2y equals 24-1?


Answer of x plus 2y-9 equals 4?

x + 2y - 9 = 4 can be rewritten as x + 2y = 13, but this is as far as you can simplify it because you have two unknowns and one equation.

What is the order pair for 2x plus 6y equals 24 and 5x - 2y equals 9?


Simplify 4x plus 7y - 5 plus -7x - 2y plus 1?

the answer to this problem is -2x^2y^2

Simplify 2y plus y plus 3z-z?


How do you simplify Y plus Y?

Y plus Y = 2Y simplified

X equals 2y-3 x equals 2y plus 4?

This means that 2y - 3 = 2y + 4 which is not possible.

Simplify 3x plus 2y plus 2 equals 4y plus 4?

The equation can be simplified to show a value of Y in terms of X. 3X + 2Y +2 = 4Y + 4 3X + 2 = 2Y + 4 3X -2 = 2Y and 2Y = 3X - 2 means that Y = (3/2 X) -1

2y-3 equals y plus 2?

No 2y-3 is not equals y plus 2AND how old are u?

What is 3x-2y plus 7 plus 3x simplify the following expression?

Combine like terms. 6x - 2y +7.

Simplify 6y-4 plus y?


5x plus 2y equals 19 x - 2y equals -1?

(3, 2)

2y x plus 2 equals?


-2y equals x plus 8?

-2y=x+8 is the answer

If 2y plus 26 equals 28 what does y equals?

2y+26 = 28 2y = 28-26 2y = 2 y = 1

Simplify 3x - 2y plus 9 plus 9y - x?

3x-2y+9+9y-x = 2x+7y+9

3y plus 2y plus y equals?


0 equals x-2y plus 1?


Simplify this expression. 7x plus 8(2y plus 2x)?

It is 16y+23x simplified

What is the value of x in x plus 2 equals 2y plus 6?

Exactly (2y + 4) .

What is x plus 2y equals?

x + 2y = x + 2y Y and X aren't compatibles.

X plus 2y equals 11 and x equals 14-2y?

x = 11 - 2y and 14 - 2y. This means that 11 = 14. Is there a typo in the question?