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Q: Simplify this expression 13 plus - 12 minus -5 equals?
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Simplify this expression 13 plus minus 12 minus minus 5 equals?


How do you simplify this expression 3 a plus b minus 3 a minus b?


Simplify the algebraic expression 7x squared minus 4y plus 3x squared plus 5y plus 2 and evaluate it for x equals 3 and y equals 9?


How do you simplify the expression 6k plus 7k?

That equals 13k

Simplify this expression 4p plus 9 plus 7p plus 2 equals?


Simplify this expression 4p plus 9 plus minus 7p plus 2 equals?

4p + 9 - 7p + 2 4p - 7p + 9 + 2 p(4 - 7) + 9 + 2 -3p + 11

Simplify the expression 4 g minus 2 h minus 8 h plus 3 g?


How do you simplify -4x plus 9x equals?

minus 4 plus 9 = 5, so 5x

What is the answer of 9x 4y -6x - 5y?

That will depend on the plus or minus value of 4y in order to simplify the given expression

Simplify this expression 13 plus - 12 - -5 equals.?

13+-12--5 = 6

Which step must be done first to simplify this expression 19-3 5-4 plus 1?

To put a plus or minus sign with the digit 5

Can you help me simplify 20a plus 14-8a-7 and b plus 6b-2b?

20a plus 14 will be 34a minus 8a minus 7 34a minus 8 is 26a minus 7 is 19a. The single b is 1b plus 6b which is 7b minus 2b equals 5b.

Can a mathematical expression be shown as 4 plus 5 divided by 3 times 6 equals because a text book says an expression consists of one or more terms connected by plus and minus signs only?

This would be an expression if it didn't have an equals sign.

12 Simplify this expression 13 plus 12 5?

Simplifying 13 plus 12 times 5 equals 125. This is considered a math problem.

How do you solve 4 square root 6 plus 3 square root 2 minus 2 square root 5?

Multiply the entire expression by a least common multiple and then simplify the expression. In this case, the least common multiple is 30 so multiply the entire expression by 30 and simplify.

What is the value of the expression -5x 12 when x equals 5?

That will depend on the plus or minus value of 12 which has not been given.

Simplify 1over3x plus 2 plus 1overx-5?

6xsquared minus 26x minus 5 over 3xsquared minus 15x

Can you simplify this expression 12a plus a?


Simplify 9a plus 8 minus 2a minus 3 minus 5a?


How you simplify expression 5 plus 2x plus 9?


How do you simplify 6 x squared minus 2x plus 5 plus 2 x squared minus 7x - 11?


How do you simplify 7a plus 3b minus 4a minus 5b in trig?

3a - 2b

Simplify the expression 5 plus 2n plus 2?


Plus minus negative?

Plus minus negative equals plus + plus because the negatives cancel out.

What is a plus equals plus plus a minus minus minus a?

Your question does not make sense. It would probably be interpreted as a + = ++a ---a