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Q: Sir Luqman's Guide to ACCA Qualification in 20 minutes?
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What is CPA or ACCA in accounting mean?

CPA is a US qualification for professional accountants while ACCA is a UK based qualification pursued by people around the world.

What is the best qualification in accountancy?

The best qualification in accountancy is having a first degree in Bcom accounting option and being ACCA certified.

What is the difference between CA and ACCA?

Logically the both study the same courses and subjects but with the difference of name and code of subjects, as both qualifications follow IAS, IFRSs issued by IASB.The only difference is the name and the rest are rumours to make ACCA flop in competition with CAFor attaining CA qualification it is a must that you should intern at a accountancy practice while you are studying. But for ACCA you can gain your practical experience as you like.And other thing is that ACCA has somewhat wider acceptance globally. But CA is considered more "prestigious"The single most important difference between Acca and CA-ICAP is, CA a local qualification whereas ACCA is an international qualification.

How much does average ACCA earn in Saint Lucia?

Earnings by any qualification, ACCA or otherwise in St Lucia and anywhere else will be dependent on the company you work for and the role you serve in. So it will vary drastically since you can be employed as the accountant for a mid size company to the financial controller of a large size company. Therefore the salary will be based more on the position than on the ACCA qualification. What is important however is that attaining a qualification like ACCA in St Lucia will ensure you a sound career with massive opportunities. There is a school that dose training for the ACCA programme in St Lucia called LightSparc . If you want to start a career in accounting I think you should go for it, the salary will be good either way.

ACCA and CIMA which one is tough to complete?

Should opt to go for CIMA. ACCA is more for Audit, taxation, compliance and regulatory and assurance work. For Management consultancy, CIMA definitely has an edge over ACCA. for Audit and taxation ACCA definitely is more appropriate. ACCA and CIMA is totally different. Many ACCA do CIMA for further their managerial skills and Decision making knowledge in commercial environment. Regards, Azeem H

Can you do acca after matric from pac?


Which is best acca or MBA?


Can holders of ACCA qualification get jobs in US?

Yeah you will get job in USA as a junior level, Bookkeeper, Staff Accountant and you can make low level salary, Nobody even cares if you are ACCA, I have been to British/ EU owned companies, those companies even don't look at it. I would prefer ACCA's to Find Jobs in Europe, Hong Kong or Middle East.

Difference between certified accounting techinician and ACCA?

CAT is more of a preliminary or basic qualification which is useful if working in more basic areas of bookkeeping, or hoping to gain exemptions from ACCA exams. However ACCA is a professional qualification and those who are ACCA members are qualified accountants unlike CAT holders who, although will be experienced and have some technical knowhow, will not have the detailed level of understanding that is involved through studying ACCA. CAT holders should be able to compile balance sheets and P&L's from trial balances, as well as explain/implement the more basic accounting standards, and also be familiar with costing and basic management accounting. ACCA builds on this and involves much more detailed technical knowledge, application of standards and the more tricky areas of accounting such as forwards contracts, financial instruments etc. Hope this helps - should all be accurate as I am a recent CAT passed finalist and have now moved onto ACCA!

What is the salary of fresh ACCA?

what is expected selary of an fresh acca

When was Acca of Hexham born?

Acca of Hexham was born in 660.

When was Acca sellowiana created?

Acca sellowiana was created in 1941.

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