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Q: Skin rash on the inside of arm shaped like a circle with a circle inside?
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Why do you think manhole shapes like circle?

because for any person to get inside a manhole, you would think it was shaped like a round circle.

What are red blood cell shaped like?

Well, it's red from hemoglobin inside the cells. It looks like a circle with a dent in the middle, sort of like a donut.

What state is shaped like a circle?

None, but we have a couple square-shaped.

Why is a manhole shaped like a circle?

There are various reasons that manholes are shaped like a circle. For example, it is much easier to dig a circular hole.

What is the derivation of the word circle?

"Circular", meaning shaped like a circle.

What was the globe theatre shaped like?

it was a circle

What is a D shaped like?

A closed semi-circle.

What is a figure shaped like a plate?

A circle perhaps

What does cocci look like?

Circle shaped looking bacteria.

What is inside of a mine?

a mine is filled with gun powder and very little dynomite. its shaped like a circle and the dynomite has a red dot. dont try to make a mine at home

How do you know contacts arent inside-out?

Hold the contact lense on your fingertip - with the inside of the bowl shape facing up in the air. Look at the rim of the contact lense see the shape of the bowl. If the curve of the bowl is shaped like a half circle - it is correct.... If the curve is shaped more like a boomerang - it is inside out. Once the contact is in your eye - you will know if it is wrong as it will be a constant irritant - and will sting.

Closed conic section shaped like a flattened circle?