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Q: Closed conic section shaped like a flattened circle?
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What is the definition of elliptical?

Aa closed conic section shaped like a flattened circle

What is a flattened shaped circle called?

a "Flat circle thing that's flat" ;)

What is an elliptical base?

An elliptical base is a base that is shaped like a flattened circle. This is most common on objects that are cone shaped.

Earth's orbit us shaped like a flattened circle. What is the name of that shape?

It is called an ellipse.

What is a pie-shaped section of a circle?


What is a D shaped like?

A closed semi-circle.

What does the shape of an ellipse describe to us?

The path of an object in orbit around another object. It's a "conical section", shaped like a circle, but "flattened" in one direction (a circle can be considered a special case of an ellipse). An ellipse has two focal points.

Is Saturn shaped liked a pear or a flattened sphere?

its an flattened sphere

What do you cell the flattened oval-shaped part of a sperm?


What type of bond allows medal to be flattened and shaped?

Metallic bonds.

A wedge shaped part of a circle?

A wedge shaped portion of a circle is called a sector.

Why is it important that a circle is shaped the way it is?

A circle has to be ring shaped (starting and finishing at the same point) otherwise it isn't a circle.