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If you mean: 4n-2n = 4 then 2n = 4 and n = 2

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Q: Slove multi-step equations 4n-2n 4
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Multi Step Equations?

One-step equation 3x=12 x-6=5 4/x=7 Multistep equation 3x+8=11 x/7+4=6 4x/7=2

What is the answer to all qustions?

jus slove bro

How do you slove this problem 2 plus 4 plus 6 plus 20?

2 + 4 + 6 + 20 = 32

What are the 4 state equations of a chemical equations?

aqueous liquid gas solid

How many equations of motion are there?


How do you slove this two step equation -y-4 equals -15?


How many kinematic equations of motion are there?


How do you do liner equations?


What is the height of a door whose area is 6sq . m and breadth is 1.5m with slove?

It height is: 6/1.5 = 4 m

What equations using four fours equals seventeen?

4*4+4/4 = 17

How do you slove problems with unlike denominator that arent eqevlent?

Multiply the numerators and then the denominators.Example: 3/4 X 4/5= 12/20=6/10

What is y if the equations -4-3?


What are equations that have the same solution?

4+4=8 2+6=8

Answer this equations x plus 42y equals 4?

Solving equations in two unknowns requires two independent equations. Since you have only one equation there is no solution.

Solve the following system of equations using sustitution x6y-4 x-2y 28?

To solve a system of equations, you need equations (number phrases with equal signs).

Is 5. 4 a solution to this system of equations?

No It;s Not A Solution > :)

How do you solve 4 equation with 4 unknows?

Create a matrix of the coefficients of each equation. The solutions to the equations should make up the rightmost column of the matrix. Then, row reduce the matrix until you are able to rewrite the equations and solve them. The matrix should be a 4x5 matrix (4 rows and 5 columns) for four equations with four variables. This is known as a system of equations.

Which of these is the solution to the system of equations?

( 3,10)

Which property of equality would you use to slove the equation 14x equals 56?

If: 14x = 56Then x = 56/14Therefore: x = 4

What are the solutions to -x squared plus 2x plus 4 and x-2?

These are two expressions, not equations. Expressions do not have solutions, only equations do. NB equations include the equals sign.

When solving a system of equations what does 4 equals 4 mean?

three things: 1) that the value of 4 is equal to the value of 4. 2) you did not obtain any revealing information. 3) your strategy for solving that system of equations was not good.

The vertex of the parabola below is at the point 4 1 Which of the equations below could be this parabolas equation?

you didn't put any equations, but the answer probably begins with y= (x-4)^2+1

What is the keep switch change math method?

You keep switch change when you have two negitvie numbers like -4 + -7 You keep the -4 change the + to a - and change -7 to 7 -4 - 7 is the new problem. and you slove it from there

How do you solve the system of equations when you have 4 equations with 4 unknowns?

There are several ways to do it - depending, in part, on the kind of equations. Sophisticated methods exist specifically for linear equations, among others. However, for a start, you can combine equations (1) and (2), eliminating one variable; the same for equations (2) and (3), and for equations (3) and (4) (eliminating the same variable in every case). That leaves you with 3 equations with 3 variables. Similarly, reduce the 3 equations in 3 variables, to 2 equations in 2 variables (eliminating the same variable in every case). Combine those into a single equation with 1 variable. Example for eliminating a variable: (Eq. 1) 5a + 3b - 3c + 8d = 28 (Eq. 2) 8a - 3b + 8c - 6d = 8 If you just add up the equations, you eliminate variable b. If you want to eliminate variable a, multiply the first equation by 8, and the second by (-5), then add the resulting equations.

What are 3 types of equations?

There are actually 4 multiply divide plus minus