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Subtract 2a from each side: P - 2a = b ie b = P - 2a

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Im not sure this is right...
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Great answer!
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how did you get that answer?

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Q: Solve P equals 2a plus b for b?
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Solve the equation 2a plus 13 equals 5a 1?

If: 2a+13 = 5a+1 Then: a = 4

How do you solve fraction a plus a equals 1?

a+a=1 2a=1 a=1/2

How do yo solve 2a-24-3a equals 5a?

3a x 2a =24

What is a if 2a plus 4 equals 6?

a = 1

What is 2a plus 4 equals 8 called?


What is the answer to 4a-3 equals 2a plus 7?


What is the answer to this math problem -4 plus 2a equals 12-15a plus a?

-4 + 2A = 12 - 15A + A-4 + 2A = 12 - 16A2A = 12 - 16A + 42A = 16 - 16AA = 8 - 8A

How do you solve 2a 7b 2a - 7b?

2a+2a-7b+7b =4a

Why isn't 2a plus 3 equals 5a?

Because you cannot combine terms that are not alike.

How do you solve 19 equals a plus 5?

A is 14

How do you solve x plus 3 plus 6 equals 4?

minus 5

2a plus 1b equals 2c plus 2d-----2a plus 1b equals 1c plus 2d----- 1a plus 2b equals 3d-----what does 4a equal?

I--2a+b=2c+2d II--2a+b=c+2d III--a+2b=3d * Here if we perform (I)-(II), we get, c=0 * Using the c we can prove b=0 using (I)-(III). * Now replace 'b' & 'c' as 0 in (I), then we get a=d. Email me at for any queries. I will be very thankful to receive your queries.

How do you solve 16x plus 4y equals 8?

You can't solve it. But you can simplify it to get: 4x+y=2

What is 2e plus 8 equals 2a-12?

It is one linear equation in two unknown variables: e and a.

Is a plus 2a equals 3a equation or expression?

It is, in fact, an identity - which is an equation which is true for all values of the variable.

What is seven times a plus ten equals two times a?

7a + 10 = 2a 7a = 2a -10 5a = -10 a = -2

What is 2a plus 3b equals 6ab?

With the assumption your asking what a or b are in terms of each other. a=3b/(6b-2) b=2a/(6a-2)

What is the first and second derivative of R equals q2 plus 3qa plus a2?

Rprime= 2q + 2a + 3 Rdoubleprime= 4

What is 1a plus 2a plus 3b plus 4b and what is the answer?

1a+3b 2a+4b=3a +7b

How do you solve 6x plus 7 equals -14y?

It is not possible to solve a single linear equation in two variables.

What is 3a plus b-2a plus b?


How do you solve 32 divided by 4 plus 4 multiplied by 8?

32 divided by 4 equals 8 plus 4 equals 12 multipled by 8 equals 96 answer

How do you solve 0 equals x squared minus ten x plus 16?

Solve using the quadratic formula

What is a plus a equal?

a + a = 2a

How do you write a program to solve a quadratic equation which has upto power 2 for example xto power 2 plus product of and x subtract 3 equals to 0?

to solve ax2 + bx + c use the quadratic formula: (-b +/-(b2 - 4ac))/2a. Programming this should be a doddle.