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4x-y=2, therefore

sub y into 3x+2y=6...

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Q: Solve by substitution 3x plus 2y equals 6 4x-y equals 2?
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Differentiate 2yx plus 4xy plus 2 equals 6?

2y + 2xy' + 4y + 4xy' = 0 6y + 6xy' = 0 y' = -y/x

4xy plus 1 equals 3y-7x solve for y?

4xy+1=3y-7x 4xy-3y=-7x-1 y(4x-3)=-7x-1 y=(-7x-1)/(4x-3)

What is 2 plus Y?

It is 4xy.

What is 4xy plus x3y plus yx2 plus yx plus 3yx simplified?

4xy + x3y + yx2 + yx + 3yx = x3y + x2y + 8xy = (xy)(x2y + x + 8)

What is 2(x plus y)x?

It is 4xy.

What is 4xy minus 2y parenthesies x plus 4 parenthasies simplified?

4xy - 2y(x + 4) = 4xy - 2xy - 8y = 2xy - 8y = 2y(x - 4)

Can you factor x2 plus 3x plus 4xy plus 12y?

(x + 3)(x + 4y)

The difference between 2x2 plus 4xy-3 and x2-2xy-4 is?

the difference between 2x2 +4xy-3 and x2-2xy-4 is?

What is (x plus y)2-(x-y)2 simplified?

It is 4xy.

What is the answer to X2 plus 13xy plus 36y2?

If by "What is the answer to", you mean "How do you factor", then we can solve it as follows: x2 + 13xy + 36y2 = x2 + 4xy + 9xy + 36y2 = x(x + 4y) + 9y(x + 4y) = (x + 9y)(x + 4y)

Which expression is equivalent to 12x2y-6xy-x plus 2xy-9x2y plus 5x?

3x2y - 4xy + 4x

Collect like terms 3xy plus xy-4x plus x?


What are the greatest common factor for 4xy and 12xy?


The difference between 2x squared plus 4xy - 3 and x squared - 2xy - 4?

(2x2+4xy-3)-(x2-2xy-4)Answer: x2+6x+1

What is the length of one side of this square 4x2 - 4xy plus y2?

4x2 - 4xy + y2 = (2x - y)2 so the length of the side of the square must be 2x-y.

Is 4xy plus 2y9 a linear equation?

Without an equality sign the given expression is not an equation

How do you factor 9-4x2 plus 4xy-y2?

(3 - y + 2x)(3 + y - 2x)

What is the numerical coefficient of y in -4xy?

You need 2 full equations to answer that, or the number for x and what it equals. Without that information that is insolvable.

What is 3x plus 4xy equals?

You cannot add them. The 'y' in the 4xy means that you cannot add it to 3x, since the 'y' is an extra component that the 'x' does not have. You can add 3x to 3x, or 4y to 4y, but you cannot add terms which contain different variables to each other. (It's like trying to add apples and oranges, they're not the same thing).

What is 6y-4xy?

It stays the same because it does not have any common terms. A: 6y-4xy

What is the ratio 4xy over 0.25x in simplest form?

4xy/0.25x = 16y

Factor 5x squared - 20xy plus 10y squared?

5(x^2 - 4xy + 2y^2)

If 17xy plus 719xy then 4xy?

There is not enough information in the question to determine whether or not the conditional statement is true or false.

How do you factorise 4xy plus 6xz?

4xy + 6xz When factorising algebraic expressions treat them just as ordinary numbers. Ascertain what the common factors are. The factors of 4xy are 2 x 2 x 'x' x y The factors of 6xz are 2 x 3 x 'x' x z The factors common to both expressions are 2 and 'x'. Therefore, 4xy + 6xz = 2x(2y + 3z)

What is the greatest common factor of 4xy and -6x?

The GCF is 2x.